Nine Sacred Woods are the first nine symbols representing the first nine trees in The Ogham (commonly pronounced Oh-m) or Celtic Tree Alphabet and Calendar. This early Medieval alphabet, used primarily to transcribe the early Irish language, is the only written form left by the Druids.

The Nine Sacred Woods and their metaphysical properties are:

~ Alder: offerings, mysterious of nature, gods, FAIRIES, male and female energy
~ Ash: insight, DIVINATION, spiritual justice, balance, sun and fire, Queen of the forest
~ Birch: the Goddess energy, change, NEW BEGINNINGS, transitions and purification
~ Hawthorn: protection, love, health, PROSPERITY, fertility, purification, inner journeys,
~ Hazel: prosperity, wisdom, dowsing, DREAMS, wisdom-knowledge, reconciliation, intelligence
~ Holly: protection, prophesy, healing, invulnerability, watchfulness, good luck, death, REBIRTH
~ Oak: sun, leader, EMPOWERMENT, doorway, great protector, male energy, King of the forest
~ Rowan: Lady of the Mountain, female connection, PROTECTION, casting, wands, dowsing
~ Willow: PAIN death, mourning, transitions, spiritual guides, understanding and protection

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