naked-dream    Being naked is one of the top 10 dream themes on the planet. Naked dreams have several interpretations. Sometimes shame or brazenness. Being naked in an inappropriately place is extremely common.

In dreams, clothes can represent concealment and hiding, so being stripped of clothes can mean being left defenseless and exposed. The dream may be trying to tell you that you think you are hiding something, but that everyone else already knows about it.

In some naked dreams, the dreamer is completely unaware of his or her nakedness and not at all bothered by it. This has to do with your feelings about modesty.

In other cases, the dreamer is aware of his or her nakedness but no one else seems to notice and is a good indicator of your own personal fears that you worry may be uncovered. These fears are often unfounded, and that no one else is concerned about them.

On the other hand, dreams in which the dreamer suddenly becomes mortified at realizing he or she is naked often indicate vulnerability, fear or shame. In many cases, the dreamer is hiding a secret or hiding something that he or she is afraid will be found out. The nakedness in the dream indicates a fear that other people see through you and will discover your secrets.

Being naked in a dream can also indicate fear of being caught off guard. The dream of being suddenly naked in a classroom before taking a test is one of the most common and usually symbolizes fear of being unprepared.

Sometimes these dreams do not coincide with real events. They may be a more generalized fear of being caught off guard, unaware or unprepared. Being naked and standing in front of a crowd can symbolize a fear of being exposed, a fear of being unprepared, or a fear that those around you know things about you they are not telling you about. Since nakedness and public speaking are two of the most common fears in the world, this combination can be paralyzing in a dream.

One of the rarer types of dream nakedness is where the dreamer realizes he or she is naked but shows no fear, shame or embarrassment. This type of naked dream can be a symbol of freedom and unrestrained pride. To dream of a naked man where only the top part is visible foretells illness to a female member of your family but if the privates are exposed then the meaning is death. It is reversed if you dream of a naked female.

Remember that a death omen does not always mean the physical death of the body. Other interpretations are associated with illicit love affairs and loss of prestige coupled with scandal. Interpret this in context with the rest of your dream symbols.

In the Tarot, Nudity: is the ultimate form of expression and the ultimate letting off of our guard. After the clothes are off – there’s nothing more to hide. It is an external expression of complete trust and vulnerability. Nudity is a powerful expression – it gets the point across that something very profound (trust, love, self) is being shared here. The tenderness pictured in this card really gets its point across that love and being loved is a very sacred thing.

Found in The Star, The Sun, Judgement, and The World.


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