Properties: Labradorite is the symbol of vitality. This metallic iridescent stone brings forth each person’s strengths to share with the world. Helps one find their originality. This stone brings easier, more restful sleep as it has a very calming effect. This also make the stone a great stress reducer. Use as a worry/empowering stone and rub it Watch how beautiful it will sparkle with all the attention. Helps us relate to others. Opens energy flow to the Solar plexus and Third Eye Chakra and whatever other centers are most in need. This crystal is still evolving along with us. At the Solar Plexus Chakra it gives power. At the Third Eye Chakra it encourage deep insight, psychic ability and focused intuition. Brings great clarity. Use it to stimulate the memory and impulse imagination.

Labradorite has an “umbrella effect” when it comes to energy. It is used for deflecting bad energies away from its user, preventing energy leakage and helps by forming a barrier or umbrella around the user, protecting the aura. It protects the user from psychic debris and past life angst that can come up in the mind of its owner. This stone dispels illusions and goes direct to the matters or issues that are brought up during your relationship with the stone. Anyone can benefit from Labradortie, when they are going through change. This assists in easing any transformation, allowing one to engage their higher level of consciousness in the process.

Folk Remedies: Labradorite is used to stabilize the body’s immune system, therefore, it is often associated with stimulating the thymus gland and is used for treating colds. This stone is very effective in healing bone issues associated with both rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis. It helps with problems of the spinal column, joints and bone related pain.

Feng Shui: This stone can be used in the Southeast for resources, in the South for success and reputation and Northeast for self-cultivation.

Crystal Cleansing: Fragile, avoid salt cleansing. As this stone gets used, it will become cloudy. It should be placed in mineral water and put in the sun for several days.

History: The most famous deposits of Labradorite are found in Labrador, Canada. Discovered there at the end of the eighteenth century, this spectrolite stone Na[AlSi3O8]/CalAl2Si2O8+Fe K, Ba, Sr, is from the Plagioclase feldspar family, disperses iridescent varieties of color called labradorescence. Frequently found with quartz, this stone is used in modern architecture as highly polished, iridescent reflecting stones. Varieties of this stone are found in Greenland, Italy, Finland and Scandinavia. In the state of Maine, the Algonquian tribe used this stone as early as the year 1000. It is often confused with opal.

Special Note: these particular tumblestones were used by Andrew in a solemn spiritual ceremony in Paris. They were divined at a burial mandala for the infamous spiritist, Allan Kardec. You can read more about Andrew’s Lunch with Allan Kardec!