Properties: This light green version of serpentine, possesses a gentle and tranquil energy, used as an all purpose and multi-talented healing stone. The most impressive attributes of this stone focus on the past. It is used to integrate past, present and future experiences. It holds to task, its ability to focus on exploring and coming to terms with, past relationships, past ordeals and even past lives. This stone leads to contact with angelic guidance.

When used in meditation, it can help an individual to discover their particular spirit healer or guides. Infinite is useful in shamanic journeying. Infinite stone draws out negativity that is manifested within our bodies, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Infinite is placed on the Throat Chakra in order to help us confront anyone from our past, speak about our past or confront past issues we tend to carry into our present situation. It assists in bringing our higher vibrations in order, dispersing negative energy and clears the surrounding environment. Infinite can be used to inspire change and improve our understandings from the past in order to improve our future. Use Infinite for finding lost objects. Infinite helps to evolve one’s sense of self-control, allowing one to release control over others in order to better maintain control over one’s own life.

Folk Remedies: Infinite is a powerful healer that draws out pain. Make an elixir with this stone to apply to all pain issues. Serpentine is known for treating skin disorders and Infinite has a powerful, yet gentle approach, working on skin issues that a forceful method may not necessarily resolve. It is also a good stone for treating muscular skeletal pain and menstrual problems. Infinite is known to soothe the blood and can have a profound effect upon blood pressure.

Feng Shui: Infinite is used in the Center/Health position to encourage good health and create balance and calm. Use it in the Northeast area for self cultivation and wisdom, in the Southwest area for partners, love and relationships (use in pairs) and for dispersing negative energy in any room. Use it in any room to also attract change into your space.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 – 3 and method 5 – 8 (Be careful as this stone should not be left in sunlight for a long period).

History: Infinite (Mg 6 [(OH)10/Si4O10] +Al, Cr, Fe, Mn, Ni) has been worn as an amulet to protect those from snakebite during ancient times. It was used for centuries to redirect poison, in the belief that venomous creatures are kept at bay when Infinite is carried, or their poison extracted/rendered harmless. This stone is believed to be discovered by Steven Rosley in South Africa after which, he asked healers to meditate on the stone. Based on the healers impressions and intuitive thoughts, he appropriately named the stone Infinite, due to its infinite healing possibilities.

Special Note: these particular tumblestones were used by Andrew in a solemn spiritual ceremony in Paris. They were divined at a burial mandala for the infamous spiritist, Allan Kardec. You can read more about Andrew’s Lunch with Allan Kardec!

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