girlchild-arch   These Archetype patterns derive from a Universal Collective Unconscious, which in metaphysics is called the Grids – Akashic Records – Sea of Consciousness – or that which creates our reality. In this context, archetypes are innate prototypes for ideas, which may subsequently become involved in the interpretation of observed phenomena.

The four Universal Archetypes or energies are known as our Inner Family Archetypes, because they are best described through the concepts of Father, Mother, Boychild and Girlchild.

Each archetype has a light side and a dark side. When we express their loving qualities, we become our best self for ourselves and for others. When we yield to their unloving side, we become our worst self and end up ruining our relationships.

The child archetype is a Jungian archetype, first suggested by psychologist Carl Jung, that the child, out of the four survival archetypes (victim, prostitute, and saboteur), is present in all humans.

The good Girlchild offers a personality that is extraordinarily complex and multidimensional. She is both mysterious and etherial. She can be defined by such concepts as beauty, sweetness, forgiveness, gentleness, innocence, goodwill, holiness, sensitivity, diplomacy, intuition, compassion and harmlessness.

She can be a muse, an inspiration of music and dance, magic and how to see the resolution of life. She can be a source of your creativity and power. She allows you to engage sensitively in life, to hear with your inner voice and to connect with the essence of intuition.

The bad Girlchild, on the other hand, is the wounded victim who cannot get over her real or perceived (emotional) injury and is paralyzed by fear. She drowns in self-pity, discouragement and resentment. Because of this she can be manipulative, wicked, while she seduces others into rescuing her, playing into her insecurities and lashing out at others because of her insecurities.