Botanical name: pelargonium ordorantisimum
Use: One of the true balancing oils. It is an antidepressant and antiseptic. Good for skin
care. It works as a great hormone balancer in all hormone related conditions which makes
it useful in menstrual disorders. Relieves pain, fights infection, stops cuts from
bleeding. Tightens and tones tissue. Diminishes depression, lowers blood sugar levels.
Reduces fluid retention
Perfume Note: Middle
Blends well with: Neroli, Rosewood, Fennel, Vetiver, Frankincense, Rose
Source: entire plant
Production method: steam distillation
Aromatherapy benefits: balancing, calming, harmonizing
Aroma type: sweet, rosy, minty
Warning: Can lower your blood sugar level
Safety Information: Avoid if you are hypoglycemic

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