Flowers represent positive messages. They are fragrant, colorful and alluring. All traits that we admire in our waking life and represent in our dream life.

Dreaming of a single flower or a group of flowers can represent a single, special person in your life or if you are given the single flower, you are seen as special and unique.

A group of flowers received can represent an abundance of good luck.

Giving a bouquet of flowers represent your security in yourself and the power in the selfless act of giving.

Flowers are often associated with pleasures, beauty, giving, receiving, and relaxation.

Are the flowers wilting or dying in your dreams? This could be an indicator that you are neglecting someone or something and that they are falling apart.

Flowers are connected to giving, love and expressing your feelings. Do you give the flowers or do you receive them? How does it make you feel?

Sometimes we really need to know that the angels are there and care. Angels may touch us with a gift, the scent of flowers. You may be alone and suddenly you will smell beautiful flowers where there could not possibly be any and you will know that it is the angels reaching out to you. The unexplained scent of flowers is probably the most frequent sign the angels give to us.
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