father-arch    These Archetype patterns derive from a Universal Collective Unconscious, which in metaphysics is called the Grids – Akashic Records – Sea of Consciousness – or that which creates our reality. In this context, archetypes are innate prototypes for ideas, which may subsequently become involved in the interpretation of observed phenomena.

The four Universal Archetypes or energies are known as our Inner Family Archetypes, because they are best described through the concepts of Father, Mother, Boychild and Girlchild. Each archetype has a light side and a dark side. When we express their loving qualities, we become our best self for ourselves and for others. When we yield to their unloving side, we become our worst self and end up ruining our relationships.

Generally, people who function from a strong Father archetype pursue the law. They tend to have strong boundaries and seek to download a blueprint for every situation.

When their Father energy goes out of balance and becomes unloving, they can become harsh and critical toward themselves and others.

The father, or great father archetype is associated with the personification of the masculine principles of consciousness and awareness and symbolized by the realm of light and spirit.

It is the personification of the masculine principle of consciousness symbolized by the upper solar region of heaven.

From this region comes the wind, which has always been the symbol of spirit as opposed to matter. Sun and rain likewise represent the masculine principle as fertilizing forces, which impregnate the receptive earth.

Images of piercing and penetration such as phallus, knife, spear, arrow and ray all pertain to the spiritual father. All imagery involving flying, light, or illumination pertains to the masculine principle, as opposed to the dark earthiness of the great mother.

The positive aspect of the spiritual father principle conveys law, order, discipline, rationality, understanding, and inspiration. Its negative aspect is that it may lead to alienation from concrete, physical reality.