These mystical creatures usually indicate your wishes will come to fruition when you least expect it. This phrase tends to encompass the vast array of elves, pixies, banshees, wood nymphs, nature spirits, elemental fairies, birth fairies and earth lights that roam the earth in search of fun, adventure, mischief and work as our guides and protectors.

Whatever your belief in these nymphs of nature, within your dreams they are often associated with our own spiritual consciousness and our perspective towards nature, human behavior and the aspects of good and evil. Mischief and trouble can often be an indicator of the presence of these fantasy creatures in your dreams.

Fun and practical jokes are the norm when you dream of these curious creatures or dreams of wish fulfillment are also a reason for dreaming of fairies. Are they helping you or causing havoc in your life? Do they indicate that they are here to help you in your dream or trick you? Be cautious of those around you who say one thing yet do another.

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