Emotions control our thinking, behavior and actions. Emotions affect our physical bodies as much as our physical body affects our feelings and the way we process thought. Emotions that are not felt or not released, are buried within the body or in the “aura” and may eventually cause serious illness. People who ignore, dismiss, repress or just explode their emotions outward, are setting themselves up for physical illness. Negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, worry, frustration and depression cause chemical reactions in our body that are very different from the chemicals released when you feel positive emotions such as peace, happiness, contentment, love and acceptance.

Underlying much of our behavior is our own belief system. This system filters what we see and hear, affecting how we behave in our daily lives. Our belief system has a major affect on what we think and do.

In reference to our aura or auric energy, the “Emotional Layer” is considered the second layer of energy, in relation to the first or Etheric (etheric layer). This part of the aura has more to do with our physical body and our health. The Emotional layer is our “storehouse of emotions and emotional energy.”

The second auric body is generally associated with feelings. Seen with Kirlian photography, the emotional layer or body, roughly follows the outline of the physical body, but its structure is more fluid than the first layer or etheric body.

This “layer of feelings” is in continuous and fluid motion, like a ripple in a pond. This area can express the full spectrum of our emotions. As our emotions change, they reflect our passing moods. For those who are “emotional”, the color of this center, has a more higher and broader spectrum of light or color associated with it. For those who are not so “in touch” with their emotions, this area seems to have more of a “non-fluid”, stuck or darker spectrum of light associated. The “layer of feelings” is most often described by aura readers as showing dark spots or being cloudy and stagnant, when emotional blocks and/or pain exist. Through Kirlian photography, this one area can also reflect a full spectrum of all the colors of the rainbow and can radiate visibly between one inch to three inches beyond your body.

This layer is extremely influential in both the higher and lower layers and is crucial to understand as it influences your health most significantly.

In Vedic teachings, this layer has been referred as “The light of God”, “The Creator”, the “All That Is” shining outward from us.

Use an orange crystal, light or essential oils for this layer, which coordinates with the Sacral Spleen Chakra. Visualize an orange orb of light, saturating and balancing this center in your body. Sexuality and spirituality are closely related here, and offer you insight into both.

Isometric contractions and Kegels for the buttock, abdomen, legs and perineum are great for this center.

Vedic Mantra: “I nourish and nurture my body and mind.”


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