chased-dream   The chase is on. Whether you are doing the chasing or being chased, this is one of the top 10 dream themes in human history.

Being chased in your dream has much to do with the context it is seen in, which includes identifying the chaser. Who is chasing you? Is it a male, female, animal, or an unknown being? Generally, being chased means that you are being told by your unconsciousness that you’re avoiding an issue or a person. It may refer to running from your own emotions, due to fear of something or someone.

Identifying this fear helps you get to the root of the problem. You may be avoiding something fearful, painful, or irritating that bothers you in waking life. When you are being chased by one person in a dream, it is sometimes thought of as a fear of relationship or intimacy.

Being chased by a group of people can indicate a fear of being overtaken or over whelmed. It can also mean that you do not seem to have a say in a certain important matter. There is often a feeling of being threatened. You are over whelmed by work, have a fear of someone in particular or missed a deadline or opportunity.

Dreaming about chasing someone else also has to do with the person you are chasing and the reason you are chasing them.

Start by identifying the person you are chasing. The common theme of this chase is often associated with someone you admire or are interested in. It can also refer to you chasing apart of your psyche or emotion that you wish to overcome.

When you are chasing something and do not know what it is, this can often mean that you need a clarification of your goal in waking life. What are you chasing after? What do you desire that makes you want to run after it? Consider the end result.

Did you finish the chase? Were you caught or did you catch what you were after?

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