Properties: Boji stones are actually a trademark name for iron-magnetite concretions also called Marcasite nodules. These are one of the most grounding stones with electromagnetic properties. They are most famous for their true yin and yang energies.

The rougher “male” stones have protrusions (usually of pyrite) and “female” stones are smooth and unassuming. These stones have + and – charge. These “living stones” are used to balance the body’s energy field. Many people have found they reduce pain by holding one stone in each hand. It has been shown over and over that Marcasite nodules tend to be a catalyst for stabilizing the equilibrium process.

When these stones are held near an area of imbalance, it would tangibly stimulate the associated meridians, nadis or centers of pranic energy, continuing until a state of equilibrium had been reached through repeated applications. In addition, it has been observed that the Boji stones definitely generate a grounding energy.

These stones have shown therefore, to stimulate all the Chakra centers and in turn stimulate the entire Auric field. Marcasite stones thrive in the company of other precious gems, stones and crystals. Therefore, these “living stones” need love and attention. Stones left in a drawer or neglected for long periods have been reduced to dust.

Folk Remedies: These “containers of energies” are held together by the power within. If the energy is depleted or lost, the stone changes molecular structure from 7.4 hardness to dust. Geologists find this to be one of the most unusual aspects of this stone. One geologist stated “the Bojis reminded him of the human body that is held together by a life energy.

When that energy leaves, the stone decays and chemical and mineral elements turn to dust.” Used most often for relieving pain, by holding one in each hand for 10 minutes or more. Helps to remove emotional blockage that continues to get in the way of us moving forward and letting go. A great pair of stones for meditation, holding one in each hand helps balance left/right brain activity.

Feng Shui: Use the pair of stones in the Southwest area as earth stones for attracting love and enhancing relationships. Use in the Center area for health and balance.

Crystal Cleansing: These energetic stones should NEVER be charged or cleansed in water. Simply rub them with a soft brush. Keep these stones away from pure iron. Recharges electrically in sun. Store boji’s apart, as their magnetic properties are said to neutralize each other.)

History: Marcasite nodules, (FeS2 + FeOOH +H20) are solid round, grey-brown discs with high iron content. These rare stones are most often formed and found in the silt of dry lake beds, not the rock. The owners of the trademark of Boji “Alive Stones” are in Kansas and the location is now called Boji mountain. When her grandfather discovered these precious stones, he showed his young granddaughter, Karen Gillespie, who lovingly mistook them for eggs from her pet crow, “Boji”, hence this is how the stones got their name. Rainbow Boji Stones are also even rarer a find. These are as they sound, with beautiful rainbow colors running through them, due to additional minerals or crystals.

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