BLUE ENERGY– Blue Energy is governed by the throat chakra. Blue represents the spiritual aspects of our life. The sky and the ocean give us the feeling that life is an endless process. Blue is the greatest healing power in the world. Blue is the color of purity and those who enjoy it, carry with them a sense of calmness, peace, serenity, and beauty.

Any color is divided into three categories of understanding. Color Science (physics, perception and psychology), Color Philosophy (space, scheme and theory) and Color Terms (names, cultural differences, and color dimensions).

The Throat Chakra – is energized by blue. Through the throat, we express ourselves, connecting with sound and voice, carrying power with our words.

This energy — is peaceful and soothing. Calming tired nerves, alleviating agony and pain we suffer from physical stress. It has a pacifying effect over our nervous system and brings us great relaxation. Cool, soothing and sedative, blue alleviates pain, reducing bleeding and heals burns. It is beneficial in the treatment of dysentery, colic, asthma, respiratory disorders, high blood pressure and skin aberrations.

In using blue — blue connects us to a spiritual and higher ground. The nature of blue energy is to connect our beings with the cosmic universe.

Blue Energy may help when:
*you need to calm your mind and nerves
*have throat problems
*cannot sleep
*have menstrual problems
*eye, ear, nose, throat problems
*have had a shock
*have a fever

BLUE: controls the throat, thyroid, parathyroid, lungs, mouth. Blue allows for the freedom of expression, both verbally and artistically. It helps with the easy flow of communication either with other people or listening to your own thoughts and feelings. Blue offers reliability, gentleness, kindness, integrity, honesty, loyalty, endurance and commitment.

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