birth-stork-baby The “birthing of new ideas”. Dreams about birth can be associated with an idea or concept, which is about to “hatch”.  If you dream of giving birth or witness someone else giving birth in your dreams, may indicate an important point in your life. Giving birth is one of the top 10 most common dream themes.

The root of “birthday” comes from the process of giving birth.

The moon, growing from new moon to full moon is considered a transition of birthing. While some may assume that full moon is the most favored time for ceremonial ritual, the new moon is just as popular. In many cultures, the transition between day and night or sun and moon reminds us of the continued transitions and spiritual growth we go through each day. Some Feng Shui practitioners perform New Moon rituals with important desires to be carried through the new moon’s three-day phase. For a birthday ritual, the new moon can be utilized to induce wisdom and courage for difficult tasks throughout the new year. The new moon phase can be seen as a time for rejuvenation.

Since the majority of my patients are women who come to me for fertility issues, birth dreams are very common. These dreams often relate to when they will become pregnant, or dreaming about the desire for children. Also their dreams revolve about being a mother and whether they would be a good mother. These birthing dreams can often occur in men, especially those whose wives have become pregnant.

Patients who become pregnant, will sometimes have dreams about something going wrong with the baby, the pregnancy or the delivery. Birthing dreams can also pertain to a project or business you are working on. This refers to your ability and confidence in being able to give birth to your project or work.

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