Birds are rich in dream symbolism. In general, birds are messengers and represent freedom and empowerment.

They fly above and associate our connection between heaven and earth. In many cultures they are a symbol of the soul, as well as our conscious mind. Therefore, dreams of birds can show us our own personal connection between our conscious and unconscious mind.

In flight, their outstretched wings show us the freedom we desire, as they glide over the earth expressing our unlimited possibilities we see in them.

They have the ability to show us a “bird’s eye view” of things. What do you see? Is it clear sailing or is there trouble ahead. Birds of a feather, flock together and dreams of a group of birds can represent yourself in a social setting, group work setting or family group.

Are you flying together or squawking on the ground together? If you dream you are solo, it represents your own independence and freedom to be yourself.

Are you flying (high and free) or are you grounded, wings clipped or broken. Then something is keeping you down or holding you back. Are you wounded, caged or not able to move?

Look to a situation in your waking life that represents this problem. Different kinds of birds can represent a variety of situations in your waking life.

In the Tarot, birds are known as being messengers. They represent clear thought and speech. They are most associated with the intellect and freedom!  They can be found on The Star, Page of Swords, Queen of Swords, King of Swords, and Nine of Pentacles.

See also, albatross, crow, eagle, nightingale, ostrich, owl, pheasant, peacock, raven, vulture.