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The "Cross Training" Support Program ® was developed by Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac as a multi-layered health system for healing. This great resource is for those looking for a sensible and rational easy-to-use guide to the best researched alternative therapies. Developed and referenced from the foremost experts on nutrition, herbs, acupuncture, exercise, homeopathy, healing touch and the metaphysical arts, this program allows one to use an "across the board" methods in health and healing.

The following maladies are all situations that can be helped with Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes, Crystals and/or Homeopathy. These "Complementary Therapies" are the 'cross training program' of Alternative Medicine and is only a jumping point in the healing process. You may access other modalities at the menu bar to the left.

*Disclaimer: This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified healthcare provider. Please consult your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition. The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment, or prescription of any kind. The decision to use, or not to use, any information is the sole responsibility of the reader.


See also anxiety, acne, allergies, addiction, anti-aging, body & skin care, candidiasis, constipation, chinese medicine, eczema, environment, energy medicine, exercise, food as medicine, holistic therapy, ibs, massage therapy, psoriasis, seasonal, stop_smoking, stress, weight_loss.

Detoxification is a process that occurs within our bodies on a natural and continuous basis. Detoxifying is the process of releasing accumulated toxins and waste products that build up throughout our system. From birth, we are bombarded by toxins, externally from environmental sources and internally, our organs give off waste products that accumulate in our body. Imbalanced emotions also play a part in polluting our system with excess chemicals such as free radicals, homocysteine and cortisol.

Detoxifying is, in many ways, an easy process. Our body does much of the detoxification process through urination, defecation and perspiration. As our bodies age and our immune systems weaken from illness, poor diet and/or addictive substances, we sometimes need to give our system an extra helping hand. That is why conscious detoxing is a great way back to optimum health.

For some, counting on a few cups of coffee, having a cigarette, drinking excessive alcohol or doing recreational drugs has become a familiar habit. Between all the medications, refined foods, additives, alcohol, pesticides and other chemicals we are exposed to in the environment, the ability of our systems to adapt and detoxify can become challenged.

Symptoms such as frequent or reoccurring colds, feeling heavy, sluggish or tired, poor skin, acne or other related skin problems, allergies, a thick, coated tongue, bad breath, headache, and feelings of gas and being bloated after meals may indicate problems in the body's functionality and it's ability to process, digest and excrete properly. These vague symptoms that are often overlooked tend to be the results of a congested and sluggish body system.

Exposure or toxicity to food additives, solvents, pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals can cause a number of psychological and neurological symptoms. Toxins produced by bacteria in the gut can be absorbed, causing significant disruption of body functions. Toxins that the body are unable to eliminate build up in the tissues, typically in our fat stores.

One of the best ways to start your detoxification is with the body's biggest organ, the SKIN. A detox diet strengthens the organs involved in detoxification and releases stored toxins, expelling them through the organs of elimination: the skin, as well as the intestines, liver, lungs, kidneys, and lymphatic system.

Detox Self Test

1. Do you skip a daily bowel movement more than once a week? (yes = 1/no = 0)
2. Do you take prescription, recreational or over the counter drugs? (yes = 1/no = 0)
3. Do you eat meat more than twice a week? (yes = 1/no = 0)
4. Do you eat fast or processed food? (yes = 1/no = 0)
5. Ever smoked or exposed to excess second hand smoke? (yes = 1/no = 0)
6. Do you have any skin problems, digestion or gas/bloating? (yes = 1/no = 0)
7. Do you drink alcohol? (yes = 1/no = 0)
8. Do you live in a major city? (yes = 1/no = 0)
9. Do you drink tap water, coffee or soda? (yes = 1/no = 0)
10. Do you feel fatigued, have low energy or poor sleeping habits? (yes = 1/no = 0)

Total Score______

A score of 4 or higher may indicate that you need a cleansing, detox program.

Andrew's Favorite Detox

Homeopathic Detox

Complete Detox System

Yoga Detox

Foot Detox Patches

Other Customer Favorites

Herbal Detox Tea


Natural Cleanse

Cleansing Smoothie

Adopting A Healthy Lifestyle

1. Eating a diet that focuses on fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds and whole grains are extremely important.

2. Regular exercise, which gets your body moving and sweating.

3. Quality sleep, where you do not have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and wake feeling rested.

4. Avoiding drugs and excessive alcohol. The problem is not only illegal substances like cocaine, heroin and marijuana, but we are solicited constantly by legal substances that pollute the body such as habit forming sleeping pills, excessive antibiotics that destroy not only the bad bacteria, but the healthy bacterial flora and the constant ads for alcohol.

5. Nutritional and herbal supplements to protect and enhance liver function, the kidneys ability to process and the digestive system's regularity,(discussed below).

6. Improving our mental/emotional process by stopping the mental chatter, approving and accepting ourselves and loosing the emotional baggage that drags us down.

7. Taking a spiritual approach by looking beyond the little things that get in the way and accepting and trusting the "Universal Power" or energy to guide you. Take a look at the big picture!

8. Decluttering the toxic waste around you including the clutter in your home/office, the friends or loved ones that poison your thoughts and actions and the environment that is making you sick.

9. Knowing that YOU are in control of your life.

10. That you have the power to do something about that will make a change.

Managing Your Detox

Top 10 Tips for Detoxing

1. Eating a diet that focuses on fresh vegetables and fruits.

2. Eat whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

3. Adopt a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise.

4. Avoiding drugs and excessive alcohol.

5. Taking a high potency multiple vitamin and mineral supplement.

6. Take nutritional/herbal supplements to protect and enhance organ functions.

7. Fasting is one of the quickest ways to increase elimination of waste and enhance the healing process of the body.

8. Go on a three day fast, four times per year (fasting at the change of the seasons is a good rule to remember).

9. Take care of your skin and know your skin type.

10. Consider a self empowering affirmation to clear your mind.

In general, it is usually recommended that you begin with the intestines (see detoxing the organs in Chinese Medicine). The reason for this is if you focus on the liver first, the stored toxic substances that are released from the body tissues may become reabsorbed if the bowels are not moving adequately enough to expel them and can monitor your progress throughout the program.

The most easiest, inexpensive and effective methods of detoxification are fasting and specific dietary regimens. Keep in mind that the goal is to achieve a healthier way of eating, not weight loss, or to rid the body of all bacteria. In fact, "the good bacteria," known as probiotics, is necessary in order to remain in good health.

Herbal Remedies

Consider herbs such as Alfalfa, Basil, Burdock, Dandelion, Garlic, Ginger, Gotu Kola, Hawthorne Berry, Milk Thistle, Red Clover and Yellow Dock, which are among the best for detoxing and cleansing the system.

Alfalfa alkalizes and detoxs the body. Can act as a diuretic, balances hormones, eases inflammation, may lower cholesterol. Must be used in fresh raw form to provide vitamins. Contains an antifungal agent. Its high protein and vitamin content make it a good nutritional source. Medicinal uses of alfalfa include treatment of stomach upset, arthritis, bladder and kidney problems, boils, and irregular menstruation.

Cilantro is the great metal detoxer! Leaves of the coriander plant (cilantro) can accelerate the excretion of mercury, lead, and aluminum from the body. Cilantro is considered the "poor man's chelation treatment." Simply add cilantro to your diet daily, for two or three weeks. Consider adding a handful of fresh cilantro to a salad, mix a couple of teaspoons of cilantro pesto with whole wheat pasta or have it with your favorite fish or soups.

Basil has been shown to kill bacteria on the skin surface. Apply this tincture directly to the skin surface on a compress. This works to kill the bacteria that forms as the detox process happens. It is also possible to steep two to three teaspoons of dried basil in a cup of boiling water. Allow the herb to steep 5-10 minutes or more in order to extract the healing oils from the plant. Then soak a washcloth or compress in the tea and apply to the areas where pimples, acne or skin eruptions are most present.

Burdock is a tonic herbs and have been used in the treatment of skin conditions. Burdock is an herb that boosts immunity and purifies the blood. It's a traditional liver tonic and a mild, natural diuretic. Burdock's laxative and diuretic properties help remove toxins from the system. The Chinese utilize it against tumors, inflammation, fungal and bacterial infections. It is often recommended for dry, scaly skin. You can take burdock in capsule form (follow the directions) or make a acne fighting tea. Burdock root tincture may be taken in 2?4 ml amounts per day. Dried root preparations in a capsule or tablet can be used at 1?2 grams three times per day.

Dandelion is a leading remedy for detoxing the liver. It stimulates the flow of bile, a fluid that aids fat digestion, which is why it's used for liver and gallbladder disorders. Dandelion has scientifically documented potent diuretic properties. It relieves constipation and eases bloating and swelling. Dandelion should be used for 4 to 6 weeks at a time. For it's liver benefits, dandelion is helpful for detoxing.

Garlic controlling free radicals, countering the tendency of the blood to clot, and possibly reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, garlic has many benefits. Preliminary evidence suggests that regular use of garlic may help prevent cancer. Garlic may be an effective antibiotic when it contacts the tissue directly, but there is no evidence that it works like a standard antibiotic, spreading throughout the body and killing organisms everywhere. Garlic has known antifungal properties,and there is preliminary evidence suggesting that "Ajoene", a compound derived from garlic, might help treat athlete's foot. Garlic has also been proposed as a treatment for asthma, candida, colds, diabetes, and vaginal infections.

Ginger is used for the prevention and treatment of various forms of nausea. These include motion sickness, the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (morning sickness), and post-surgical nausea. Ginger has been suggested as a treatment for numerous other conditions, including atherosclerosis, migraine headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol, burns, ulcers, depression, impotence, and liver toxicity. Stops cough and stops vomiting. In traditional Chinese medicine, hot ginger tea taken at the first sign of a cold is believed to offer the possibility of averting the infection.

Gotu Kola is the blood purifier. Commonly used to help protect and repair or heal the skin, blood and nervous system. It combats stress and improves reflexes. Antidepressant, improves memory and reduces mental fatigue. The nuts, roots, and seeds of this herb are used in cardiovascular and circulatory disorders, fatigue, kidney stones, poor appetite and sleep disorders.

Hawthorne Berry may help strengthen the heart, help increase blood flow, encourage healthy blood pressure levels and maintain healthy arteries. Useful for anemia, and circulatory disorders, high cholesterol and lowered immunity. High in Vitamins B &C, it is also used as a kidney tonic. Often used as a digestive aid.

Herbal Foot Patches are made from bamboo vinegar, an ingredient Japanese scientists have proven has the ability to draw out toxins from the body. These foot detox pads are well renowned and have been used in Asia for years and are just now being recognized for their health benefits in the West. The feet are a "detox portal", and that keeping your body clear of toxins may help you live a longer, stronger and healthier life. Detox patches are said to stimulate nerve endings on the bottom of your feet, due to its combination of Qi moving herbs, which in turn stimulate the secretion of lymph fluid. Now that we know why it is crucial to cleanse and detoxify our body regularly, we have to know how to do it properly. These disposable patches are said to have the ability to pull out the impurities in your body by focusing on the acupressure points in your feet.

Milk Thistle is the great liver detoxer! The importance of milk thistle in cleansing your liver, may decrease your chances of developing cirrhosis, chronic fatigue, PMS, and cancer. The fruits, leaves, and seeds in any form, contain some of the most potent liver protecting substances known. Protects the kidneys and is good for adrenal disorders, bowel disorders, and weakened immune systems.

Red Clover is an herb suggested for chronic conditions affecting the skin. It is a diuretic, but it's unknown exactly how it works for skin conditions. Use non-fermented red clover which is safe.

Triphala is a traditional Ayurvedic Indian herbal compound used for constipation and poor bowel tone and is designed to support the body's natural cleansing process. It is one of Ayurveda's most important herbal formulas for thousands of years. Triphala is a balanced blend of three Indian Herbal Fruits: Harada, Amla, Behada. This combination of fruits is unique because the astringent qualities of the fruits serve to tonify the colon therefore promoting internal cleansing naturally. This is highly recommended for anyone doing a detox program.

Yellow Dock is another herb that purifies the blood. It has compounds called anthraquinone glycosides that stimulate bile production, aiding digestion and cleansing the liver. Some herbalists believe that chronic skin problems like acne improve with long-term use of yellow dock. Warning: Don't take yellow dock if you have kidney stones.

Herbal Combinations and Formulas

Herbal tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts of the medicinal properties of herbs. Tinctures represent one of many different ways to prepare and use herbs. The terms tincture and extract are often used interchangeably.

Shake the tincture bottle well. As a dietary supplement, place 1 to 3 droppers ( under the tongue, or in juice or water as needed, 2-3 times a day.

Acne Support Burdock, Black Walnut, Chaparral, Blessed Thistle, Red Clover.

Blood Purifier Pau D' Arco, Red Clover, Yellow Dock, Burdock, Sarsaparilla, Dandelion, Cascara Sagada & Buckthorn.

Circulation Support Hawthorn berries, Ginger, Angelica, Bayberry Bark, Hyssop, Prickley Ash bark, Cloves, Cayenne.

Essiac Burdock, Sheep Sorrel, Turkey Rhubarb & Slippery Elm.

Headache Support White Willow Bark, Feverfew, Chamomille, Pepermint, Scullcap, Catnip, Fenugreek.

Immunity Astragalus, Pau D'Arco, Suma, Dandelion root, Oatstraw, Kelp.

Women's Balance Chaste Tree, Dong Quai, Red Raspberry, Dandelion, Blessed Thistle, Gota Kola, Kelp & Licorice.

Herbal Teas

In a stainless steel pot, boil desired amount of water. The moment it boils turn the heat off. Add the following herbs in an infuser, muslin bag or tea ball for a single cup or add one-three teaspoons of herbs per cup for larger amounts. Allow the herbs to infuse for up to 5 minutes. Drink 3-4 cups a day. For flavor-add lemon and sweeten with Stevia or organic honey. These herbs are helpful for gently cleanses, purifying, detoxing, anti-inflammatory. This powerful formula will help remove accumulated toxins in the body. Strong antioxidant, cleanses the colon and stimulates circulation.

Alfalfa Mint Tea - This great tasting tea helps to detox the system, eases inflammation, lowers cholesterol, balances hormones. Helps in digestive and skin disorders. Provides great vitamins in this form. Alfalfa and Peppermint.

Detox Tea-This powerful formula will help remove accumulated toxins in the body. Strong antioxidant, cleanses the colon, reduces cramps, and stimulates circulation. Rosehips, Red Clover, Ginger, Nettle, Alfalfa, Dandelion, Goldenseal Leaf, Echinacea, Pan D'Arco, Burdock, Clove, Stevia.

Digestive Tea-Demulcent herbs especially blended for gas, diarrhea, and ulcers. Helps soothe an upset stomach. Helps in digestion and is good for heartburn, indigestion, circulatory problems, and nausea. Peppermint, Papaya Leaf, Hibiscus, Mint.

Energy Tea-No caffeine. Provides important vitamins and minerals. Increase blood flow, circulation, and oxygenation. Decreases fatigue and depression by stimulating the nervous system. Roasted Chicory Root, Roasted Dandelion Root, Guarana Root.

Female Balance Tea-Refreshing tea for PMS symptoms, menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. Helps restore balance to hormones, estrogen and nourish the female system! Builds the reproductive system. Dong Quai, Black Cohosh Root

Immune Builder Tea -When taken on a regular basis, this tea helps to build and strengthen the immune system. Cat's Claw, Olive Leaf, Hawthorne, Peppermint, Spearmint.

Male Balance Tea-Stimulating mixture of herbs and minerals. Builds vital energy. Strengthens the adrenal and reproductive glands. Useful in circulatory problems, diabetes, lack of energy, and stress. Hawthorn Berry, Eleuthero Root.

Sleepy Tea-Soothing blend of herbs for relaxing moments or right before bed. Helps in relieving stress and anxiety, indigestion, and insomnia. Valerian Root, Chamomile Flowers.

Slim Tea-Appetite control. Will flush excess water. Helps to firm and tone. Useful for circulatory problems, acts as a diuretic, eases inflammation and balances hormones. Blackberry Leaf, Myrtle Leaf, Uva Ursi Leaf, Rose Hips, Alfalfa Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Juniper Berry, Psyllium Husk, Licorice Root, Sage Leaf.

Aromatherapy Remedies

Essential oils recommended are juniper, lavender, orange, rosemary, rosewood, tea tree,thyme ...These essential oils work as an antiseptic, diuretic and fight infection. Excellent for their detoxification properties. Stimulates lymphatic circulation, improves immunity. Stimulates the adrenal glands, circulatory system, liver, gallbladder, promotes nerve health

Juniper This oil is an antiseptic, diuretic and fights infection. Excellent for its detoxification properties. In small quantities it can help alleviate urine retention, though in large quantities the opposite is true. Excellent oil for urinary tract infections. A good oil for skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis, though the condition may appear to get worse before it gets better, as is the case with most forms of natural healing. Warning: Avoid during pregnancy. Activates the kidneys. Consult your healthcare provider with kidney problems.

Lavender This oil is an amazing therapeutic oil. Stimulates new cell growth, lifts depression, calms nerves, fights infection, reduces inflammation, and eases congestion. Relieves pain and muscle spasm. Lowers blood pressure.

Orange Stimulates lymphatic circulation, improves immunity, fights infection, reduces inflammation, relieves muscle spasm, eases digestive disorders. Cools fever and warms chills, calms nerves, diminishes depression. Warning: may irritate skin, promote photosensitivity. Avoid going in the sun while using this oil.

Rosemary Stimulates the adrenal glands, circulatory system, liver, gallbladder, promotes nerve health, improves the functioning of the heart and nervous system. Tones and tightens the skin, regulates oil secretion, fights infection, joint pain, muscle spasms, and eases digestive orders. Warning: This oil may trigger epileptic seizures in prone individuals, may irritate sensitive skin. Avoid if you have high blood pressure.

Rosewood relieves pain, fights infection, diminishes depression, stimulates the brain, clears the head, improves immunity, helps skin disorders, stimulates sexual desire.

Tea tree fights infection, and fungi, soothes skin disorders, heals wounds. Releases mucous, relieves respiratory congestion. Increases immunity. Kills insects. Excellent for foot, nail fungus, athlete's foot. Warning: May be irritating to sensitive skin.

Thyme fights infection, improves immunity, eases pain of arthritis, eases muscle pain, improves digestion, relieves urinary tract infection and respiratory ailments. Improves circulation, elevates blood pressure. Overcomes emotional fatigue, nervousness, and stress, regulates oiliness of skin, regulates skin disorders. Warning: Avoid during pregnancy, or if you have hyperthyroidism, or high blood pressure. Can irritate or sensitize skin and mucous membranes, stimulates menstrual flow.

3 times a day, morning, noon and night, utilize these blends of essential oils:

Angel's Mist Detox Rub Essential Oil Remedy Blend

Angel's Mist Detox Bath Essential Oil Remedy Blend

Angel's Mist Detox Massage Essential Oil Remedy Blend


The mysterious and amazing healing power of water has been utilized for centuries. Water cleanses, refreshes and restores all life. We are always drawn to water. Be it a soothing fountain or majestic waterfall. Water is a carrier. It flows. It moves along the line of least resistance to find its way to the ocean where comes and goes in the ebb and flow of tides and waves. The appeal is inexplicable! We crave water, maybe because our bodies are made up of a large percent of it. Maybe beacuse we instinctively know how it can heal us.

Hydrotherapy is the use of water in any form, in the treatment of dis-ease. Hydrotherapy was used by the ancient Greek physicians. The use of baths for such purposes as well as for religious purification, personal cleanliness, and private or social relaxation dates from at least the time of ancient Greece. A German, Vincenz Priessnitz, popularized the use of spas in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, where they are still popular today.

Hydrotherapy has a number of uses. Warm water will relax spasm; thus, hydrotherapy has been useful in treating such conditions as muscular strains and sprains, muscular fatigue, and backache. Heat is often used in conjunction with massage or other manipulative or stimulative treatments, such as the whirlpool bath. Sitz baths (sitting in hot water) are effective in the treatment of many disorders. Water is also useful in physical therapy because patients who exercise in a buoyant medium can move weak parts of their bodies without contending with the strong force of gravity.

The neutral bath has a balancing effect on anxious or irritable people. Instructions for a neutral bath: Fill your bathtub with water slightly cooler than body temperature, around 94? to 97?F (You can check the temperature of the water with a regular thermometer.)

As the tub fills with water add 2 spoons of Angel's Mist Deep Soak Sea Salts to the bath water for a soothing, muscle relaxing soak. Submerging as much of your body as possible, stay in the bath for at least 20 minutes, adding water as needed to maintain the temperature of the bath.

Consider a relaxing bath with the cleansing calming effects of Angel's Mist Lavender Fields Soap is a relaxing blend of Lavender, Chamomile, Clary Sage essential oil makes this soap wonderful for creating a soothing and calm complement to your bath.

Consider cleansing the nasal passages with a Neti Pot. This Ayurvedic solution has been used for centuries to keep the nasal passages clear of mucus and congestion.

Steam baths and dry saunas have been used as healing therapeutics for centuries. Perspiration is one of the best ways to detox our system. Sweating helps rid the body of wastes products, regulates body temperature, and invigorates our largest organ, the skin. Steam increases white blood cells which protects and strengthens our immune system. Medical studies show that frequent steam baths help reduce stress and keeps your circulatory system running smoothly. Warning: If you are pregnant, have diabetes or have heart disease, consult a doctor before taking a sauna or steam bath.

Try this Detoxification Bath

2 Cups Sea Salt
2 Cups Baking Soda
4 Tbsp. Ginger Powder
Place all ingredients in a hot bath and bathe for 20 minutes. Drink plenty of water. This bath withdraws impurities from your body and helps you to feel better. This bath can be done 2 to 3 times in a week or as needed.

Nutritional Advise

Acidophilus: The normal, healthy colon contains "friendly" bacteria (85% lactobacillus and 15% coliform bacteria). It is the friendly bacterial flora found in yogurt and is essential to the digestive system. When these bacteria are not in balance, then the person may experience bloating, flatulence, constipation, and malabsorption of nutrients. Acidophilus taken as a dietary supplement may help to detoxify and to rebuild a balanced intestinal flora. It is used for the prevention of Candida as well as for treatment. Acidophilus aids the digestion and helps to replace the "friendly" intestinal flora.

Buckthorn Bark: Acts on the liver, gallbladder, blood and intestines. Has a stimulating effect on the bile and conditions of the, liver, gallbladder and lower bowels; does not gripe and keeps the bowels regular without irritation.

Burdock: Supports the blood, kidneys and liver. A natural blood purifier which eliminates uric acid and excess waste material. Burdock is quite effective in treating dry and scaly skin disorders such as psoriasis, dandruff and eczema, also helps break sown calcification in joints.

Cascara Sagrada: Supports the colon, stomach, liver gallbladder and pancreas and is considered one of the very best and safest laxatives in the kingdom. Has an antibiotic effect on harmful bacteria in the intestine. Promotes peristalsis and tones relaxed digestive system muscles.

Dandelion: Acts to stimulate the liver and kidneys while absorbing toxins and soothing the digestive tract. It is an excellent blood purifier and helps to build up the blood. It has a mild laxative effect. This root is also higher in beta carotene than what is found in carrots.

Folic Acid: Folic Acid (required for energy production) is considered brain food. The brain needs it to work properly. It helps to prevent anxiety and fatigue. Folic acid works best when combined with vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Much research has indicated that a deficiency of folic acid may include depression, insomnia, anorexia, forgetfulness, hyperirritability, apathy, fatigue and anxiety. You can find Folic Acid in the following foods: Whole grain breads -Fortified cereals -Dried peas- Dried beans -Leafy vegetables- Fruit. Most multivitamin complexes contain folic acid.

GABA: GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) is an amino acid help reduce anxiety, allows rational decision making, promotes restful sleep and enhances workout recovery. It has also been shown to have similar effects as the benzodiazepine drugs. You will also feel more relaxed and notice that you are sleeping better. The recommended dose for GABA is 700-750 mg - 3 times daily - talk to a medical professional about using GABA.

Glutathione is an important detoxification compound. Vitamin C is the most cost-effective way of raising Glutathione levels. Take 1,000 mg three times a day.

Inosistol: has been shown in studies to have a positive effect in the calming of the symptoms of panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Taking up to 4 grams daily - 3 times-a-day has shown to be beneficial.

The power of Green Whole Foods is essential for all day energy, greater focus under stress, sense of well-being, strengthened immune system, fewer food cravings and optimum synergistic balance of essential nutrients for total health. Green Whole Foods is a powder that contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, active enzymes, bioflavinoids, chlorophyll and other phytonutrients necessary for optimial cellular metabolism, repair and protection! These ingredients contain the most powerful combination of nutrients ever known in any grain, herb or food. They contain almost all of the vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes necessary for the human diet, plus chlorophyll.

Spirulina Blue Green Algae: Spirulina possesses a complete protein richer than steak, abundant organically complex minerals, a wide variety of essential vitamins, and many beneficial enzymes. Spirulina is more than just a food. As with Chlorella it has been shown to be valuable with almost every aspect of health. These necessities are bio-available which means that they are easily assimilated throughout the digestive tract, giving instant access to vital nutrients.Because of algae's high chlorophyll and high nutritional content it is an excellent part of a cleansing program.

Chlorella Green Algae: Chlorella's tough cell wall protects the valuable nucleus inside. When it is harvested it is instantly dried and the cell walls are gently cracked open. The nutrients inside retain full potency. Once in your body, the cracked open cells release their valuable nutrients. Because it is so easy to digest, your cells get the full benefit of this nutritional powerhouse. These necessities are bio-available which means that they are easily assimilated throughout the digestive tract, giving instant access to vital nutrients. The algae provides intestinal nourishment and has a soothing and healing effect on the mucous lining. It works to detoxify and purify our system.

Barley Grass and Wheat Grass: Eating barley and wheat grass is like eating a plate of green vegetables. These cereal grasses, are harvested young and are ecologically grown in nutrient rich soil. They are approximately 25% protein and contains all the essential amino acids, concentrated vitamins, minerals and fiber. They have been shown to increase our overall health by reducing intestinal putrefaction and maintaining healthy blood another important component of cleansing.

Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae: This remarkable plant grows 100% organically in the Upper Klamath Lake of Oregon. Blue Green Algae has more protein and chlorophyll by weight than any other plant or animal on earth. Klamath Lake algae is considered to be the most nutrient rich of the algaes.

Lecithin: Lecithin is produced naturally and is one of the main substances that digests cholesterol in the human body. Lecithin supports the liver and aids in the metabolism of fat. Lecithin is used to strengthen the heart as it clears the blood vessels of cholesterol. It also useful as part of a weight loss programs to help dissolve fat.

Fiber (water-soluble) psyllium, seed husks, or oat bran are suggested. Take 1 to 2 teaspoons of fiber supplement at night before bed.

Magnesium: The supplement magnesium has been found to aid in the management of anxiety symptoms. Taking 200-300 mg of magnesium 2 to 3 times daily has been shown to help.

Milk Thistle Seed: Containing silybum marianum which has proven its ability to protect and rebuild the liver. The liver is a key organ in cleansing because it is involved in detoxifying the body and the digestion of fat.

Omega-3 : This fish oil has been shown in many studies, to reduce your bad cholesterol levels and reduce plaque buildup in your blood. By reducing your bad cholesterol, you are helping your body to fight off stress and relieve anxiety, tension and even prevent heart disease! Fish that are high in Omega-3 are excellent ways to help your blood stream.

Psyllium Husks: A natural plant source of dietary fiber essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system. Fiber significantly lowers total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels.

Red Clover: A natural blood cleanser which is high in minerals and strengthening to the body. It is also soothing to the nerves and used for skin problems.

Selenium: Selenium, an important antioxidant, is a trace mineral found in soil and food. It protects neurotransmitters. Deficiency in selenium has shown to have a negative impact on mood. It also helps to reduce bad cholesterol and keep the heart healthy. You can get much of your selenium from dietary sources such as: Alfalfa, fennel seed, ginseng, butter, garlic, liver, Brazil nuts, shellfish and other fishes. You can find it in sunflower seeds, yarrow, wheat germ and Brewer's yeast.

Taking Silymarin,(70 to 210 mg three times per day) the flavonoid complex from Milk Thistle is a well-researched way to improve liver function.

Vitamin B1: Vitamin B1 is also known as "thiamine." In many studies, B1 has shown to have positive effects on the nervous system and mental well being. Vitamin B1 is found in peas, soybeans, fortified breads, cereals, pasta, fish, pork, whole grains and dried beans. Prolonged intake of large amounts of alcohol depletes your body's supply of vitamin B1. Vitamin B3: (in the form niacinamide) has been tested in lab animals and seems to work in animals in the way that benzodiazepines such as Valium? have. *

Vitamin B6: Lack of Vitamin B6 has been known to cause anxiety and depression. The formation of certain brain chemicals from amino acids requires this vitamin. It affects the nervous system. The recommended Dietary Allowances for adults (25+ years) is 2.0 for men and 1.6 for women. The best sources of vitamin B6 are meats (particularly organ meats such as liver), whole grains and wheat germ.

Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is needed for energy, brain function and a healthy nervous system. It helps to combat depression, stabilize PMS and helps to protect against anemia and it may help fight cancer. The best food sources of Vitamin B12 are liver, kidney, oily fish, beef, pork lamb, cheese, eggs and milk.

Water should be a very important part of any nutritional program. Distilled water is best. 6-8 8 ounces per day.

Zinc: and essential mineral, has been found to have positive effects on the nervous system as well as helping to produce a calming effect. Most multivitamins contain zinc. Food sources for zinc are Oysters, meat, poultry, nuts, beans and dairy products.

What You Should Avoid:

What you don?t eat may be even more important than what you do eat. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugar, because they tend to accumulate in the system. If you can?t avoid them, then at least cut down.

Reduce or Avoid Caffeine: Caffeine is something many people in America and Europe are used to bringing in their daily lives. Though many studies have shown that this addictive stimulant can help produce symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and the like. Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, chocolate, many sodas and even certain medications. Always ask your doctor about a medication before using it. Also, ask the doctor if there is an alternative medication if your medicine contains caffeine.

Reduce Processed and Refined Foods:

Processed food can rob your food of nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to fight off stress and promote good health. Try to buy whole foods, unprocessed foods and try and stay away from "instant" foods, preservatives, artificial flavors, saturated fat and MSG.

Reduce Sugar Intake:

Too much sugar can rob our body of essential nutrients. Yet don't be so fast as to replace the sugar with Stevia the natural sweetener from the Stevia plant. Artificial sweetener can also cause anxiety as well as other health concerns.

Reduce Alcohol Intake:

In small amounts, alcohol can be good for your heart but too much alcohol is not a good thing for your body and too large of an intake increases your body's need for extra vitamins. The body has a harder time using oxygen. As a result, you can become more sensitive to stress - which in turn can cause anxiety reactions. It can also cause depression.

The Effects of Alcohol on the Body:

How does alcohol contribute to toxicity? Research has shown that alcohol ?high doses has numerous health hazards. As well as many other things ?can: increase your need for extra vitamins due to disturbed eating patterns interfere with the body?s ability to use oxygen, to process food & absorb vitamins. As a Result: High alcohol consumption makes you more sensitive to stress.

Chronic abuse of alcohol ?often associated with depression-like symptoms, which can reduce the ability to solve problems, which ?turn can lead to anxiety. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to poor work performance, relationship difficulties & financial difficulties. This can produce stressors that worsen the situation.


This medical system uses infinitesimal doses of natural substances to stimulate a person's immune system and body's natural defenses. Homeopathic remedies are named for the plant or animal ingredients they are made from. Homeopathy not only offers relief from temporary disorders but, can provide long term healing of a person due to its individual and "wholistic" approach. This often leads to a complete recovery from the dis-ease, as well as, providing an improved understanding of the patient's situation. This type of healing makes it easier and possible to avoid recurrence or relapses in the future and homeopathy stimulates the body's natural defense system by reestablishing normal immune system and cell functioning.


Berberis-Homaccord: contains Berberis vulgaris 2X, 10X, 30X, 200X (Relieves pain during urination) 0.2 ml, Colocynthis 3X (Relieves urinary urgency) 0.15 ml; Veratrum album 3X, 10X, 30X, 200X (Relieves cold sweats, nausea) 0.15 ml. Inactive ingredients: Ethanol, purified water USP. Contains ethyl alcohol 25% by volume.

Lymphomyosot: contains Geranium robertianum 4X (Relieves nausea, vomiting), Nasturtium aquaticum 4X (Relieves symptoms of indigestion), Ferrum iodatum 12X (Relieves swelling and bloating) 5 ml each. Myosotis arvensis 3X (Relieves coughing), Scrophularia nodosa 3X (Relieves swelling and bloating), Teucrium scorodonia 3X (Helps clear the lungs), Veronica officinalis 3X (Mild expectorant), Equisetum hyemale 4X (Relieves pain during urination), Fumaria officinalis 4X (Relieves symptoms of indigestion), Natrum sulphuricum 4X (Relieves asthma symptoms), Pinus sylvestris 4X (Relieves joint stiffness), Gentiana lutea 5X (Relieves symptoms of overeating), Aranea diadema 6X (Relieves susceptibility to dampness), Sarsaparilla 6X (Relieves minor urinary incontinence), Calcarea phosphorica 12X (Relieves joint stiffness and pain), Levothyroxine 12X (Relieves fatigue and weakness) 2.5 ml each.

Nux vomica-Homaccord: contains Bryonia alba 3X, 6X, 10X, 15X, 30X, 200X, 1000X (Relieves digestive symptoms) 0.1 ml. Colocynthis 3X, 10X, 30X, 200X (Relieves abdominal cramping) 0.15 ml. Lycopodium clavatum 3X, 10X, 30X, 200X, 1000X (Relieves abdomenal bloating) 0.15 ml. Nux vomica 3X, 10X, 15X, 30X, 200X, 1000X (Relieves nausea, cramping, vomiting) 0.1 ml.

Detox and Fasting Suggestions

Water and Juice Fast:
Most experts recommend beginners to do one or the other over every weekend for a few months. A water only fast starting Friday evening and ending Sunday morning (or just all day Saturday, as an alternative) should be broken with a day of raw foods (fruit/salad only, plus water), not with a heavy meal. Make sure that not less than four, and not more than eight, pints of water are consumed during the fast.

Water/Juice Recipe
In an 8 ounce glass of water
squeeze 1/2 - 1 full lemon in the water
Then drink. Add ons include:
- 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
- dropper full of milk thistle tincture
- dropper full of dandelion tincture

Juice Therapy
During juice therapy, the eliminative and cleansing capacity of the organs of elimination, specifically lungs, liver, kidneys and the skin, is greatly increased and accumulated metabolic waste and toxins are quickly eliminated. It affords a physiological rest to the digestive and assimilative organs. After the juice fasting or juice therapy, the digestion of food and the utilization of nutrients is improved.

As juices are extracted from plants and fruits, they process definite medicinal properties. Specific juices are beneficial in specific conditions. Besides specific medicinal virtues, raw fruit and vegetable juices have an extraordinary revitalizing and rejuvenating effect on all the organs, glands and functions of the body.

Raw juices of fruits and vegetables are extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and natural sugars. The juices extracted from raw fruits and vegetables require no digestion and almost all their vital nutrients are assimilated directly in the bloodstream. Raw juices are extremely rich in alkaline elements. This is highly beneficial in normalizing acid-alkaline balance in the blood and tissues as there is over-acidity in most conditions of ill-health. Organic minerals in raw juices especially calcium, potassium and silicon help in restoring biochemical and mineral balance in the tissues and cells, thereby preventing premature ageing of cells and disease.

Weekend Mono-diet:
This consists of a full weekend of relying on a single food such as grapes, apples, pears (best choice if you have a history of allergy problems), brown rice, millet, or even potatoes (boiled only).

Alkaline-Detoxification Diet:
Developed by Dr. Haas, this three to four-week plan helps to detoxify the body tissues of protein and acid wastes and can also help to reduce weight, increase vitality, and promote healing. This plan involves the elimination of acid-forming foods from your diet and eating only fruits and vegetables (mostly vegetables), plus fresh sprouts and millet. The diet also focuses on particular eating principles, including exceptional chewing (thirty to fifty times each mouthful), drinking quality water plus the steamed vegetable water, and eating all food prior to nightfall.

Vitamin C Therapy:
Exposure to various toxins, like lead or benzene, will deplete your vitamin C stores. Evidence also suggests that vitamin C deficiency hampers the body's own detoxification process. Take 1,000 mg three times a day.

Chelation Therapy:
A synthetic amino acid known as EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is administered intravenously and binds to various toxic metals in the blood. The toxins are then flushed from the body through the kidneys. Used primarily to treat cases of lead poisoning, many doctors have found that EDTA can remove the calcium and plaque present in the walls of arteries in atheroscelerosis. This therapy has yet to have FDA approval as a treatment for heart disease.


Aerobics is very important for increasing circulation and cleansing the skin by increasing the oxygen intake ridding the body of toxins. Be sure to shower immediately to cleanse the oils and toxins that come to the skin's surface. Sweat.

Excretion through sweating releases fat soluble toxins such as DDT, and heavy metals such as lead. Cleansing the pores of the skin and allowing for the rejuvenation process, are all the great benefits of detoxing through regular exercise.

Talk to your doctor. If you have never exercised, talk to your doctor or therapist for guidance and support. Jointly assess your issues and concerns about an exercise program and how it fits into your overall strategy.

Identify what you enjoy. Figure out what type of exercise or activities you're more likely and less likely to do, as well as where, when and how often. For instance, would you rather garden in the evenings, jog in the pre-dawn hours, go for a brief walk in the woods or play basketball with your children after school?

Set reasonable goals. Your mission doesn't have to be to walk for an hour five days a week. Even a 10-minute walk can help lift your mood, get you into a more positive environment and refocus your thoughts, even temporarily, away from negative or self-critical thinking patterns. Custom-tailor your plan to your own needs and abilities.

Break it down. It might be good to have an overall exercise strategy. But focusing on the perfect plan or an ideal rather than what's realistic for you can sabotage your efforts. Don't start with the ideal and work backward. Start with the realistic and work forward. Break your program down into smaller parts. If you can't fathom walking for 45 minutes, what is possible? Fifteen minutes? Five minutes? Start there, and build on that foundation.

For many people, just getting shoes on and getting out the door is the majority of the effort. That's the hardest part. Once we're moving, though, it's often easier to keep moving. So put your energy into the front end ? into just getting started.

Have short-term coping strategies. You may have a structured exercise program that calls for activity several times a week at the local gym. But plan for active ways to cope immediately and quickly with unexpected negative moods, depression, anxiety or other issues. For instance, even if it's your day off from exercise, taking a 10-minute walk may quickly help lift your mood if you're sad or anxious or find yourself focusing on negative thoughts. Try to respond to a negative mood with physical activity.

Don't think of exercise as a burden. If exercise is just another "should" in your life that you don't think you're living up to, you'll associate it with failure. Reframe the way you think about physical activity. Don't think of it as just another thing that you should be doing, but can't because of all of the demands in your life. Instead, think of it as something positive that you can do now to help you meet your goals, including feeling better physically and emotionally.

Address your barriers. Identify your individual barriers to launching a program. If you're self-conscious, for instance, you might not want to exercise in public. If anxiety or depression makes you feel like you're carrying a heavy weight around, the idea of moving on purpose, doing something active, can seem absurd. The barriers may feel overwhelming. But when you have depression, it's easy to overestimate difficulty. Instead, develop a strategy to overcome or get around those barriers. If you don't want to go to a crowded gym, perhaps you can go to a quiet park or use a home treadmill or bike. If you're put off by the thought of spending 30 minutes jogging, aim for five minutes of walking instead of just doing nothing. If five minutes seems daunting, try two minutes.

Prepare for setbacks and obstacles. Exercise isn't always easy or fun. And it's tempting to blame yourself for that. People with depression are especially likely to feel shame over perceived failures. Don't fall into that trap. Give yourself credit for every step in the right direction, no matter how small. Chances are, you're going to come to a time when it gets really hard. If you say that you're a failure, that you blew it, that you have to start all over, you're more likely to quit altogether. Recognize that change is hard and setbacks are part of the change process. By learning how to cope with setbacks, you'll learn skills that will help you stay active over the long term.

Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the oldest, continually practiced, and professionally administered health care system in the world. It is a documented medical system spanning over 2,500 years based on comprehensive philosophies, rational theories, clinically tested and empirically verified by over 100 generations of highly educated practitioners. Chinese Medicine is a total system of internal medicine which is comprised of a diagnostic procedure based on signs, symptoms and treatment styles including acupuncture, herbal medicine, exercise, diet and meditation. It?s foundation is based on the principles of balance; the interdependent relationship of Yin and Yang. Through this balance, health is achieved and maintained.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, an imbalance of energy or Qi in a particular meridian or organ system can cause physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. When emotions are held on to over long periods of time, or when they result from a particularly stressful or traumatic event, they can become causes of illness. Emotions also can result from an imbalanced flow of Qi or blood. Therefore, emotions can be the cause or the symptom of a disorder.

For example, prolonged anger may damage the energetics of the liver, the organ with which it is associated with. On the other hand, an imbalance in the energetics of the liver may result in your feeling either constant anger or the inability to feel anger. This is because each emotion affects the flow of Qi in a different way. When you are angry, the Qi rises to the neck and shoulders. When you are fearful, the Qi descends to the feet. We experience a sinking feeling when we are afraid. When we are angry, our neck and shoulders tightens.

Acupuncture is an effective therapy for detoxing. Acupuncture redirects your Qi or vital energy into a more balanced flow. It provides support to the underlying energetic spheres affected by your anxiety, helping to resolve the cause or effects of your stress. Acupuncture releases tension in the muscles. This allows increased flow of blood, lymph, and nerve impulses to affected areas, decreasing the stress experienced by you. Acupuncture also is effective in relieving the physical symptoms associated with stress-related and toxic disorders, such as:
*Body aches...

The specific course of treatment depends on the nature and severity of your symptoms. Acupuncture treatment for detoxing, for example, may last approximately six to ten weekly sessions.

The National Acupuncture Detoxification Assocation (NADA)

As an acupuncturist, I have used the NADA protocol for controlling nicotine addiction, drug and alcohol dependency and sexual addiction on hundreds of patients, all with reasonable to great results. Not to mention great results with stress reduction.

The NADA protocol is simple, yet quite effective. Drug, alcohol and tobacco addictions are major problems that affect tens of millions of people in America. This is not just a problem in America, but is occurring worldwide.

The addition of acupuncture into the treatment for addiction seems to be very beneficial, and almost the single ingredient that helps the protocol succeed. There are numerous benefits for patients by using this protocol... Want to know more?

Traditional Chinese Medicine detoxifies the body system through the organs, primarily:

The Lung and Large Intestine
In TCM, the lungs are an organ system that opens directly to the exterior. It's function is to regulate and control the breath through inhalation and exhalation. Because of its opening through the nose, the lungs are easily susceptible to cold, heat, dryness, dampness, and most of all, heat and wind. This can effect the biggest organ of the body; the skin. The lung is closely related to the large intestine. The large intestine controls the transformation of digestive wastes from liquid to solid state and transports the solids onwards and outwards. It plays a major role in the balance and purity of bodily fluids and assists the lungs in controlling the skin's pores and perspiration. It depends on the lungs for movement via the expansion and contraction of the diaphragm, which works like a pump to give impetus to peristalsis by regulating abdominal pressure. The lungs expel toxins through breathing, especially deep breathing. Deep breathing stimulates lymphatic flow, which eliminates toxins. The skin eliminates waste and toxins through perspiration. The colon eliminates toxins from the liver and digestive tract. The lungs are our attachment to the breath of life and the large intestines is it's buddy. Incorporate deep breathing and exercise along with a tall glass of psyillium husk to get things moving.

The Liver and Gallbladder
In TCM, the liver is the "farmer who cultivates". It stores blood, governs and regulates the blood, organizes the "free flow" of Qi energy to promote circulation which cultivates our emotions, soothes digestion, regulates menstruation and bile secretion. The liver changes harmful toxins into substances, which can be eliminated safely the colon or kidneys. The liver is our master cleansing organ and the gall bladder is its mate. Enjoy a tall glass of water with a 1/2 lemon squeezed into it.

The Spleen and Stomach
In TCM, the spleen transports and transforms food and body fluids for transporting, for absorption, raises the body energy and controls the blood by keeping it in the vessels. When improper function occurs with the Spleen there is weight gain, high cholesterol, hypertension, bleeding disorders, dampness and a heavy sensation, muscle weakness and atrophy. The blood and lymphatic system transport waste and toxins to other areas for elimination, including cellular waste. The stomach is the center of our 'gut feelings' our immune system center and the spleen (pancreas) is it's associate. Eat the cleanest, purest foods, that are the least processed. Enjoy health probiotics found in yogurt and acidophilus. Avoid greasy, fried foods.

The Kidneys and Bladder
In TCM, the kidneys store our essence or the basic materials that make up our constitution and the reproductive fluids that create life. All organs are dependent on the Kidneys for proper growth, reproduction, water flow and control and the balance of "fire and water". The liver sends water soluble waste to the kidneys, where they are further filtered and passed through the bladder for elimination. The kidneys filter nutrients and waste from the blood. The kidneys are our major filter and the bladder is it's friend. Boil 4 cups of water and a handful of corn silk. Drink this tea for amazing results.

Visit Your TCM practitioner for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Healing Touch Therapy:

There are many different approaches to massage and applications of it. "Massage Therapy" is a holistic procedure that affects all systems of the body; digestive, elimination, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, endocrine and nervous systems. Many of today's health problems arise from stress. Because stress upsets the delicate integral balance of all your body's functions, regaining this balance requires a holistic approach.

Massage Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage Massage not only treats those parts of you which are a problem, but also affects the whole of your metabolism through normalizing your circulatory, muscular and nervous systems and their interdependent functioning.

Massage is effective for detoxing the whole system and can be done with soothing massage oils or relaxing body lotions in order for the practitioner's hands to "glide" over the body with smooth, relaxing strokes.

Learn How to Give a Massage. This step by step method will help you learn just how to make your subject feel great!

The Crystal Facial Massage works on a deep esoteric level allowing not only the physical body enjoyment and total relaxation but the stones will enhance a positive, reconnecting flow of energy which will allow you to bring up, recognize and clear emotional blocks.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy. is recommended for this condition. It is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy with river bed stones which draw out stress, tension and impurities from the body.

Emotional Aspect:

There is an emotional aspect to every illness. Often times, it is the emotional thoughts or "excess emotions" that will lead to illness. The following therapies are utilized for calming the mind, help with stress relief and focuses on our mental powers over any situation. The ability to balance your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self is up to you. Here are some suggestions:

A Disciplined Mind Is A Free Mind!

  • Gain control over your thoughts... and you maintain control over your life.
  • Calming the mind is a behavioral technique used to interrupt, minimize and eliminate "psychological noise". Retrain your mind and you regain your freedom.

  • Obsessive, repetitive thoughts, anxiety and fears are all apart of negative, self-destructive patterns... that can benefit from the positive affirmations and mind quieting.

  • Detox by using the seasons as a guide. This allows us to work with... the "flow of nature" and change as our bodies change.
  • What is your belief system? Does it serve you well? Program thought to be positive and your energy and spirit will reflect it!

What is your experience with this disorder? Sharing your own experiences often helps others. We'd love to know in the Peacefulmind Community

Counseling and Psychotherapy:

Issues that you want to "Let go of" respond to counseling and to a wide variety of psychotherapies. During the past several decades, there has been an increasing enthusiasm for focused, time-limited therapies that address ways of coping with issues that no longer serve us and their symptoms directly, rather than exploring unconscious conflict or other personal vulnerabilities.

Yoga Therapy:

The Yoga Detox is a 3,5, or 7 day plan that can be used to help the body to eliminate toxins from your body. Modern day lifestyles and environmental stressors can overburdened our body systems and make them weak. Below is an overview of the yogic detox as well as a 3, 5 and 7 day plan to cleanse the body, the mind and our emotional body!

Detoxing with Pranayamas

The Yogic Breath

This exercise can be done without instruction, without danger, and with a good chance that your discomfort and stressful feelings will be reduced. Relaxation Breath is the most powerful tool for stress management.

Sit up, with your back straight in any position. Place your tongue against the ridge of tissue just behind your upper front teeth and keep it there throughout the exercise. Exhale completely through your mouth.

Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of four. Hold your breath for a count of seven. Exhale completely through your mouth, to a count of eight. Repeat this cycle three more times for a total of four breaths. Try to do this breathing exercise at least twice a day. You can repeat the whole sequence as often as you wish, but don't do it more than four breaths at one time for the first month of practice. This exercise is fairly intense and has a profound effect on the nervous system.

Deep Diaphram Breath

Sit with your legs crossed in a comfortable position. Breathe slowly and evenly from your diaphragm, through your nose. Fill your lower abdomen, lungs, then chest with air. Hold for a four count then slowly exhale the air out from your chest, lungs, then lower abdomen. Repeat 3 or 4 times. That's it! Just allow your shoulders to drop and your face relax as you breath, deep.

The Fire Breath

This exercise can be done by first taking a seat in a chair or on the floor. Close your eyes and take your focus inward to the third eye focusing your attention to behind your eye lids, between the eyebrows. Raise your right hand. Touch the tip of your ring finger and thumb together, then close off the right nostril with the right index finger. Start a powerful "breath of fire" by rapidly inhaling and exhaling through the left nostril just like sniffing in and out in rapid succession. Do this for 30 seconds. Switch sides. With the right middle finger, close off the left nostril, then repeat the rapid fire inhale/exhales through the right nostril. 30 seconds. Then repeat the sequence once again.

This exercise boosts the immune system, clears the sinuses, tonifies the lungs and clears the mind.

Detoxing with Asanas

Your daily asana practice is a must. Slow, steady, rhythmic asanas allow you to concentrate, work deeper into each pose and sweat! This warms the body, moves blood and lymph and increases total body circulation as it tonifies the heart.

A great overall muscle toner, Chakra balancer, Aura cleanser, mind wakening and cleansing exercise is the Sun Salutation exercise. Learn how to do it as a great part of your detoxing yoga therapy.

Also consider Breath Exercises, Child's Pose, Cat, Head to Knee, Knee to Chest, Laying Down Twists, Standing and Seated Forward Bends, Standing Knee Squeeze, Seated Twists..

Detoxing with Diet

Be sure and follow the nutritional advise above. It is highly recommended to eliminate acidic foods and eat more alkaline foods.

Juice Therapy helps the eliminative and cleansing capacity of the organs of elimination, specifically lungs, liver, kidneys and the skin. Through raw forms of fruits and vegetable you can utilize the enzymes to eliminate metabolic waste and toxins. It affords a physiological rest to the digestive and assimilative organs. After the juice fasting or juice therapy, the digestion of food and the utilization of nutrients is improved.

Try this Detox Juice

Juice the following:
beet root, broccoli, parsely, apple, celery,
carrot, parsnips and wheat grass juice
In a juicer, add all ingredients

Foods To Avoid: What you don?t eat may be even more important than what you do eat. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugar, because they tend to accumulate in the system. If you can?t avoid them, then at least cut down.

Reduce or Avoid Caffeine: Caffeine is something many people in America and Europe are used to bringing in their daily lives. Though many studies have shown that this addictive stimulant can help produce symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and the like. Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, chocolate, many sodas and even certain medications. Always ask your doctor about a medication before using it. Also, ask the doctor if there is an alternative medication if your medicine contains caffeine.

Reduce Processed and Refined Foods: Processed food can rob your food of nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to fight off stress and promote good health. Try to buy whole foods, unprocessed foods and try and stay away from "instant" foods, preservatives, artificial flavors, saturated fat and MSG.

Reduce Sugar Intake: Too much sugar can rob our body of essential nutrients. Yet don't be so fast as to replace the sugar with Stevia the natural sweetener from the Stevia plant. Artificial sweetener can also cause anxiety as well as other health concerns.

Reduce Alcohol Intake: In small amounts, alcohol can be good for your heart but too much alcohol is not a good thing for your body and too large of an intake increases your body's need for extra vitamins. The body has a harder time using oxygen. As a result, you can become more sensitive to stress - which in turn can cause anxiety reactions. It can also cause depression.

Detoxing Body Care

Hydrotherapy in the form of baths, steam or dry saunas and body brushing help the body to quicken the elimination process through the skin.

Steam baths are one of the most important time-tested water treatments which induces perspiration in a most natural way. The patient sit on a stool inside a specially designed cabinet or a steam room. Before entering, the patient should drink one or two glasses of cold water. The duration of the steam bath is generally 10 to 20 minutes or until perspiration takes place. A cold shower should be taken immediately after the bath. Very weak patients, pregnant women, cardiac patients and those suffering from high blood pressure should avoid this bath. If the patient feels uneasy during the steam bath, he or she should be immediately taken out and given a glass of cold water and the face washed with cold water.

Body Brushing helps our lymphatic system to remove toxins from the body. Five minutes of dry body brushing before your bath or shower helps to get fluids moving and boosts blood flow. Use a natural bristle brush and take long strokes. Start at your feet, brushing up your legs and thighs towards the groin. Work in circular movements over the tummy, then do hands and arms, back and across the shoulders. Use gentle downward strokes on your neck, throat and chest. Your skin may redden and start tingling as the body brushing increases the circulation in areas of greatest concentration.

The Yogi Detox Plan

Learn more about this ebook. This 40 page program is an inspirational way to look at detoxing through the tenets of yoga and Ayurvedic principles of balancing body, mind and your spiritual being.

Day 1

  • Upon waking start your day with a glass of room temperature water and 1/2 lemon squeezed in it.
  • Daily mantra: "I will not judge today".
  • Morning devotion on your mat: do your pranayamas and asanas.
  • Off your mat: dry brushing and a bath.
  • Breakfast: detox juice recipe.
  • Midmorning: carrot sticks with hummus or plain yogurt.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup.
  • Midday: handful of unsalted nuts.
  • Dinner: steamed fish, half a plate of green vegetables.
  • Evening devotion on your mat: deep centering meditation.
  • Daily tip: no newspaper or TV today.
  • Day 2

  • Upon waking start your day with a glass of room temperature water and 1/2 lemon squeezed in it.
  • Daily mantra: "I will honor my choices today".
  • Morning devotion on your mat: do your pranayamas, asanas and include standing poses.
  • Off your mat: epsom salts bath.
  • Breakfast: smoothie with yogurt, protein powder, fresh fruit.
  • Midmorning: apple.
  • Lunch: chicken, celery, tomato and bean salad.
  • Midday: protein bar.
  • Dinner: bean and sweet potatoes casserole with parsnips.
  • Evening devotion on your mat: mindfulness meditation
  • Daily tip: Do not take any phone calls today.
  • Day 3.

  • Upon waking start your day with a glass of room temperature water and 1/2 lemon squeezed in it.
  • Daily mantra: "I will love myself for who I am today".
  • Morning devotion on your mat: do your pranayamas, asanas and include twists today.
  • Off your mat: hot shower, followed by a cold shower.
  • Breakfast: choose foods that are sattvic today. Detox juice recipe.
  • Midmorning: yogurt with semi-sweet fruits.
  • Lunch: fresh green salad with light dressing.
  • Midday: a handful of almonds.
  • Dinner: rice, mung beans and fresh seasonal vegetables.
  • Evening devotion on your mat: use a color healing meditation.
  • Daily tip: Stay in silences today. No music or tv.
  • Day 4

  • Upon waking start your day with a glass of room temperature water and 1/2 lemon squeezed in it.
  • Daily mantra: "I will live with high self esteem today".
  • Morning devotion on your mat: do your pranayamas, asanas and include bending poses today.
  • Off your mat: take a steam bath.
  • Breakfast: fruit smoothie with yogurt or soy milk and wheat grass.
  • Midmorning: an orange.
  • Lunch: baked sweet potato with tuna.
  • Midday: a protein bar.
  • Dinner: stuffed peppers with brown rice, onion, celery and pinenuts.
  • Evening devotion on your mat: breathing meditation.
  • Daily tip: take a midday nap.
  • Day 5.

  • Upon waking start your day with a glass of room temperature water and 1/2 lemon squeezed in it.
  • Daily mantra: "I will count every blessing today".
  • Morning devotion on your mat: do your pranayamas, asanas and include inverted poses today.
  • Off your mat: take an essential oil bath.
  • Breakfast:yogurt with muesli.
  • Midmorning: a handful of cashews.
  • Lunch: spinach salad with shredded vegetables.
  • Midday: rice cakes with an apple.
  • Dinner: chicken breast with sweat potatoes.
  • Evening devotion on your mat: connecting meditation.
  • Daily tip: keep your energy up with a daily vitamin, B complex and ginger.
  • Day 6.

  • Upon waking start your day with a glass of room temperature water and 1/2 lemon squeezed in it.
  • Daily mantra: "I will give unconditionally today".
  • Morning devotion on your mat: do your pranayamas, asanas and include stretches today.
  • Off your mat: use a salt scrub in the bath.
  • Breakfast:detox juice recipe.
  • Midmorning: watermelon slices.
  • Lunch: vegetable stir fry.
  • Midday: celery sticks and hummus.
  • Dinner: mixed bean salad with tuna.
  • Evening devotion on your mat: instant calming meditation.
  • Daily tip: honor the process you are going through.
  • Day 7.

  • Upon waking start your day with a glass of room temperature water and 1/2 lemon squeezed in it.
  • Daily mantra: "I will remain humble throughout the day".
  • Morning devotion on your mat: do your pranayamas, asanas and include back bends today.
  • Off your mat: take a soothing candlelight bath.
  • Breakfast: rice cakes, mixed fruit.
  • Midmorning: yogurt with berries.
  • Lunch: vegetable stir fry.
  • Midday: handful of nuts and seeds.
  • Dinner: egg plant with brown rice, onion, celery and walnuts.
  • Evening devotion on your mat: mudra meditation.
  • Daily tip: be grateful for all the good in your life.

Meditation Therapy:

Meditation is a time-honored technique that can take you into infinite dimensions of consciousness. One major principle to meditation is in the ability to completely quiet your mind. Quieting the mind comes as a result of meditating over a long period of time, but any time you are looking within, you are meditating.

There are many meditation methods. Some are passive and others are active -- not in the physical sense, but in the sense that you actually do something during meditation. Meditators learn to focus their awareness and direct it onto an object: the breath, a phrase or word: a mantra, repeated silently, a memorized inspirational phrase, an image in the mind's eye. Researchers have documented immediate benefits in terms of lowered blood pressure, decreased heart and respiratory rate, increased blood flow, and other measurable signs of the relaxation response.

Meditation will calm an agitated mind, creating optimal physical and mental health, undo our sense of separateness, which is the common root of fear and misery, unify consciousness, putting us in touch with our higher self and connect us to higher consciousness. Meditation restructures the mind, allowing us to achieve our full potential as human beings.

Fold your hands gently in your lap and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Then just sit. If you have never meditated before, you will probably feel as if your mind is full of thoughts. Don't try to stop the thoughts, just watch them. Imagine that you are on the bank of a river and that your thoughts are the river going by. Don't try to stop the river, just watch it. Within a week, you will see the river begin to slow down. You may become impatient, or even bored. That's okay. If you find yourself complaining, just watch the thoughts pass by. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes. You may find that you fall asleep because you are so relaxed. That's good because, in many ways, you have begun to let go. Continue at this pace and each day allow just alittle more time for yourself to meditate. Doing this allows you to relax and forget about time.

Consider the amazing power of the Deluxe Meditation Kit . Whether for meditation, quiet reflection or for creating a peaceful environment to be yours, the opportunity awaits those ready to explore the world of meditation!

Color Therapy

When you are balanced, you can more effectively fight dis-ease, rid your system of toxins, as well as, negative patterns. You can achieve balance through the vibrational remedy and application of color. Color inteacts with the human energy system in a unique way to stablize physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions.


Do a complete color make-over! Start with the lowest Chakra energy center and work up through the rainbow colors, from red at the bottom of the feet to violet at the top of the head! Start Here

Determine what color you need. Learn more about your personal Color Therapy Analysis.

Music/Sound Therapy:

Vibrational medicine, which validates that everything in the universe is in a state of vibration and the frequency at which an object or person most naturally vibrates is called resonance. The chakras, bones, and organs in the body all possess a different resonant frequency. When an organ or part of the body is vibrating out of tune or nonharmoniously, it is called "dis ease" or disease. A body is in a healthy state of being when each cell, each organ creates a resonance that is in harmony with the whole being.

Music is a powerful tool that can be used in so many ways. It has been proven that the type of music that makes a person relax or become receptive is not any one kind. It all depends on the individual and their affinity with it.

Healing Music is recommended for stress reduction and mind clearing by soothing the sympathetic nervous system.

Metaphysical Remedies:

The power of your mind and your belief system has everything to do with the condition, the speed and the way that you heal.

* Our Belief System is one of the major factors that can get us through situations or can cause our life to crumble around us! I do believe that there is a lot of innate goodness and balancing our minds do subconsciously to get us through hard times. The other portion of this is how we "program" ourselves to deal with any given situation.

* Our self-confidence and self-love are often the key to opening and strengthening this portion of our thoughts which in turn emanates from ourselves!

* Energy follows thought. Program thought to be positive and your energy will reflect it!

* Really appreciating what we DO have as opposed to what we would like to have, sometimes makes a signifcant difference. This is always an important element in healing that is often neglected.

Crystal Remedy Reference

Crystals have both piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties. This means that the polarities of the crystal will change when subjected to pressure or heat (even body heat from the hands). This will radiate energy from the crystal due to this reversal of polarities. It provides the transfer, storage and transformation of energy.

Offering a balanced energy field, energy modification, amplifies both energy and thought, clarity in thinking, and harmony and alignment with the chakra energy areas.

The Complete Chakra Kit stimulates the seven main energy sources which govern all the major organs and psychologically alters and clears the body's energy in order to allow healing to take place.

Crystal Medicine Pouches are based on the Native American Medicine Pouches, each suede pouch comes with several crystals, sage for cleansing negativity and the best way to use, cleanse and energize them in order to get what you want out of life!!

Crystal Empowerment Pouches are individually filled with several crystals to strengthen and enhance the best energy for each situation. Each suede pouch comes with several crystals and best way to use, cleanse and energize them in order to get what you want out of life!!

Crystal Elixirs are wonderfully scented oils come in .05 ounce roll-on bottles and contain genuine crystals in vibrationally compatible essential oil blends. They are fantastic for Chakra work, energy healing, as an Aura Balancer, as a balancing perfume oil or simply as a "refresher" for your Gem Potpourri. Crystal Elixir oil blends are used externally.

Gem Essence are the infusion of crystals, spring water and the power of the sun/moon in a bottle! These essence work in harmony with the body by interacting with our bio-sheath and are natural and self-adjusting. When crystals are activated by natural sunlight, they transfer their vibrational signature into water, creating a remedy that is safe, effective and used in conjunction with all modalities of healing. Gem Essence waters can be used internally.

Crystals for Detoxing

Reducing stress levels is one of the most affective ways to "release" tension, negative energy and boost the immune system. Stress plays a major role in accumulated toxins and emotional garbage. Here are helpful crystals for cleansing and detoxing:

Amethyst is the great detoxer! Make a gem essence from amethyst and use it under the tongue, 8-10 drops under the tongue, 3-4 times a day. Use 2 droppers full in the bath. Blend 20 drops into massage oil and body/skin lotions. Add it to all acne cleansers.

Apophyllite calms apprehension, overcoming stess, worry and anxiety by releasing suppressed emotions. This crystal relieves mental blockage along with negative thought patterns, helping uncertainties to be tolerated.

Bloodstone: Useful in removing obstacles in life. This crystal is one of the most recommended stones for blood and circulation issues. Bloodstone is an immune stimulator and energy cleanser. It is believed to neutralize toxins. Believed to be helpful with menstrual cramps, anemia, bloodclots, hemorrhoids, birthing/reproductive issues and imbalance. It has been used for cleansing heart and blood circulation, marrow, thymus and lungs. Helps purify toxic blood and detoxify the kidneys, liver, and spleen. It can be placed in a bowl of water or in bath water to ensure peaceful sleep and protects against nightmares.

Chakra balancing and an Aura cleansing should be apart of any detoxing regime.

Danburite, Selenite and Lepidolite all locate problems within the body. Use these stones to scan for irregularities that can lead you to energy blockage. Lay these three stones in a grid on the floor. Selenite at the head and Danburite and Lepidolite to the left and right of your shoulders. Lay between them for about 15-20 minutes. Crystal grids are very appropriate for clearing negative energies, bringing more energy to the body, mind and spirit and revitalizing a person that suffers from poor assimilation, digestion and poor circulation.

Fluorite: is the stone of balance and coordination. It is a multi-level healing stone, encompassing all the other gemstones and their energies due to their rainbow of colors. Tonifies spleen, lungs, detoxification, anxiety, insomnia. This stone is an excellent stone for healing. It clears, cleanses, dispels, purifies and reorganizes anything in the body that is not in perfect order.

Do the NADA protocol, found under Traditional Chinese Medicine. Use a hematite pair, crystal wand or terminated crystal. Consider using your crystals in acupressure points, trigger points and for soothing the body with massage.

Quartz: is thought to amplify both body energy and thoughts. It can assist in the creation of power, clarity of thinking, meditation, cleansing, clearing the aura, spiritual development and healing.

Ruby: contains chromium (blood sugar balance). Stimulates the body's immunity, circulation, menses, and pituitary stimulation. This gemstone benefits the heart and circulatory system, and can assist in the filtration and detoxification of the body.

Book An Appointment with Andrew

Andrew Pacholyk has an extensive background in biomedical science and clinical training. Andrew has done massage, yoga and music therapy for over 15 years and brings his experience as an Acupuncturist and Herbalist to such health facilities as diverse as St. Vincent?s Hospital, The Body Center, New York Health Club, The Grand Meridian and his private practice, ProAcuMed Inc. in New York City. Andrew offers a safe and effective method with his diverse knowledge of the healing arts. Andrew is licensed in the State of New York and is accredited and certified by the National Boards in both Acupuncture and Herbology.

The Misson/Vision:

Andrew offers a unique and personal path in developing, understanding and incorporating the power of our belief system and your own inner wisdom in the healing process. Andrew works with:

* Functional and Orthopedic Testing

* Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

* Nutrition, Herbal and Chinese Botanicals

* Cupping, Moxabustion, Electrostimulation

* Mind Medicine, Belief Systems, Emotional Healing

Call Andrew at his office, ProAcuMed at 917 843 3623 or by email Make An Appointment NOW with Andrew

Detox Homeopathic Kit

Relief doesn't need to come with frequent side effects which can be bothersome or even serious. The healthy way to feel better is to strengthen your body’s own natural defenses. Heel uses ingredients found in the natural world, so you can feel better about feeling better. This product is a kit that contains:

BodyAnew Fatigue
Alertness Aid Oral Drops

Each 50ml contains: Active ingredients

*Aranea diadema 6X, Calcarea phosphorica 12X, *Equisetum hyemale 4X, Ferrum iodatum 12X, *Fumaria officinalis 4X, *Gentiana lutea 5X, *Geranium robertianum 4X, Levothyroxine 12X, *Myosotis arvensis 3X, Natrum sulphuricum 4X, *Nasturtium aquaticum 4X, *Pinus sylvestris 4X, *Sarsaparilla 6X, *Scrophularia nodosa 3X, *Teucrium scorodonia 3X, *Veronica officinalis 3X Uses: To help restore mental alertness when experiencing fatigue.

BodyAnew Purity
Urinary Pain Relief Oral Drops

Each 50ml contains: Active ingredients: *Berberis vulgaris 2X (Final concentration 4X), 10X, 30X, 200X, *Colocynthis 3X, 10X, 30X, 200X, *Veratrum album 3X, 10X, 30X 200X Uses: For the temporary relief of minor: Urinary pain and Urinary burning

BodyAnew Rejuveo
Digestive Discomfort Oral Drops

Each 50ml contains: Active ingredients: *Bryonia alba 3X, 6X, 10X, 15X, 30X, 200X, 1000X, *Colocynthis 3X, 10X, 30X, 200X, *Lycopodium clavatum 3X, 10X, 30X, 200X, 1000X, *Nux vomica 3X, 10X, 15X, 30X, 200X, 1000X Uses: For the temporary relief of minor: Bloating • Nausea • Indigestion

Directions Standard Dosage: Adults and children above 12 years and older: 30 drops per day, taking 10 drops every 4 to 6 hours. Children under 12 years: Consult your healthcare provider. Initial Dosage: Adults and children 12 years and older: 10 drops every 1/2 to 1 hour until symptoms lessen, then continue with standard dosage. Do not exceed 120 drops in 24 hours.

Other Information: Tamper Evident: Do not use this product if the safety ring is broken away from the base of the bottle cap. Store at room temperature. Protect from light. Inactive Ingredients: Ethanol, Purified water. If experiencing multiple symptoms, formulas can be taken together. X is a homeopathic dilution. Packaging Information: Three dropper bottles containing 50 ml each.

Product Name: Detox Homeopathic Kit - $39.95 Add to Cart

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The Peacefulmind Complete Detox System

Cleansing your body from the inside out is a great place to start for beautiful, clear skin! We are proud of this wonderful system which includes:

* Information on WHY we detox our system
* HOW to gently cleansing your organs
* WHEN to detox your system in order to maximize your body's healing potential.

We include:
* Andrew's booklet: "100 Ways to Detox Safely and Naturally"
* Internal cleansing and detoxification recipes
* 4 oz Detox AromaThera-Tea: This powerful formula will help remove accumulated toxins in the body. Strong antioxidant, cleanses the colon, reduces cramps, and stimulates circulation. Rosehips, Red Clover, Ginger, Nettle, Alfalfa, Dandelion, Goldenseal Leaf, Echinacea, Pan D'Arco, Burdock, Clove, Stevia.
* A Tea Ball for a single cup of tea
* Our Angel's Mist Essential Oil Detox Bath Blend : this phenomenal blend of essential oils helps in detoxing the lungs and the body's largest organ: the skin.

Product Name:The Peacefulmind Complete Detox System- $59.95 Add to Cart

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What is your experience with alternative and complementary medicine? Sharing your own experiences often helps others. We'd love to know in the Peacefulmind Community.

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