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The "Cross Training" Support Program ® was developed by Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac as a multi-layered health system for healing. This great resource is for those looking for a sensible and rational easy-to-use guide to the best researched alternative therapies. Developed and referenced from the foremost experts on nutrition, herbs, acupuncture, exercise, homeopathy, healing touch and the metaphysical arts, this program allows one to use an "across the board" methods in health and healing.

The following maladies are all situations that can be helped with Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes, Crystals and/or Homeopathy. These "Complementary Therapies" are the 'cross training program' of Alternative Medicine and is only a jumping point in the healing process. You may access other modalities at the menu bar to the left.

*Disclaimer: This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified healthcare provider. Please consult your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition. The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment, or prescription of any kind. The decision to use, or not to use, any information is the sole responsibility of the reader.


See also allergies, athlete's foot, jock itch, pain.

Two of the most common of these single celled fungus is oral thrush and in the vagina (vaginitis or yeast infection). Sometimes though, this fungus is difficult to pin point. It can manifest itself as other ailments such as acne, asthma, arthritis, chronic fatigue, rashes, dizziness, headaches, muscle soreness and pain.

Antibiotics are a major factor in Candidiasis. They not only kill the bacteria that cause infection but, the bodies' natural defenses as well. Since probiotic (good) bacteria are killed by antibiotics or if the immune system becomes weakened, Candida yeast can grow without boundaries. Local infections, such as oral thrush, skin infections and vaginal yeast infections in women can result.

Birth control pills, anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone, yeast laden foods, diet high in sugar are all major culprits in upsetting the bodies' natural balance. When candida infects the vagina, it results in vaginitis characterized by large amounts of white cheesy discharge and intense itching and burning. When the infection is in the mouth, it appears as white soars on the tongue, gums and inside of the cheeks. Candida can appear in the form of athlete's foot, jock itch and diaper rash in babies.

Poor co-ordination, muscle weakness, swollen or painful joints, mood swings, loss of libido, infertility, depression, and unexplained tiredness can all be signs of candida. It can cause digestive and hormonal disturbances.

Candidiasis may affect both men and women, but is rarely transmitted sexually. Very often allergies to food are present in people with candida infection. The symptoms of food allergies and environmental sensitivities can also mimic those of candidiasis.

People with severely weakened immune systems, such as those with cancer or AIDS, may develop widespread Candida infection, a serious medical condition called systemic candidiasis.

Systemic Candidiasis and Albicans is an overgrowth of candida throughout the body. In the most severe cases, it can found traveling through the bloodstream and invading every organ in the system.

The Yeast Syndrome: Candida albicans yeast in the intestines is responsible for a yeast syndrome that results in symptoms such as fatigue, headache, mood swings, sinus congestion, depression, poor memory and concentration, and cravings for sweets. This excess yeast is believed to penetrate the intestinal wall, causing yeast and other unwanted particles to be absorbed into the body and blood stream. The absorbed yeast particles are believed to activate the immune system, resulting in an allergic hypersensitivity to Candida.

Doctors often take a culture or examine vaginal discharge under a microscope because not all discharges are caused by relatively harmless yeast. Anything from a forgotten tampon to life-threatening pelvic inflammatory disease can cause similar symptoms: itching and an odd-smelling discharge.

Other causes include gardnerella vaginalis, a bacterial infection; trichomonas, a parasitic infection; and chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, high-sugar diets, pregnancy, smoking, food allergies and intolerance and diabetes.

Candida Self Test

1. Do you feel fatigued, have low energy or muscles aches? (yes = 1/no = 0)
2. Do you experience food sensitivities or food allergies? (yes = 1/no = 0)
3. Do you have nail fungus, athlete's foot or jock itch? (yes = 1/no = 0)
4. Do you have recurrent vaginal yeast infections? (yes = 1/no = 0)
5. Have you taken broad spectrum antibiotics? (yes = 1/no = 0)
6. Do you crave sugar? (yes = 1/no = 0)
7. Do often have gas/bloating? (yes = 1/no = 0)
8. Do you crave refined white flour (bread, pasta, baked goods? (yes = 1/no = 0)
9. Have you been on birth control pills for 6 months or more? (yes = 1/no = 0)
10. Do you experience brain fog/fatigue? (yes = 1/no = 0)

Total Score______

A score of 4 or higher may indicate that you are suffering from candida overgrowth.

Patient Yeast Cure Program

Designed to answer questions from patients I see in my clinic, here is a great resource for looking at a "problem" and finding the solution you need!

Poor eating habits, I do not know what to eat or how to eat to fight the infection... Andrew's Candida Diet
want to know more?
I do not know or understand which is the best herbal supplement support to help fight yeast infections and it's symptoms. 30 day Cleansing Smoothie learn more?

30 day Clear Damp Heat Formula learn more?

Andrew's Herbal Douche learn more?

Sea Buckthorn learn more?

Blueberry Probiotic learn more?

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Clear Damp Heat Formula

The ancient herbal secrets of the East are the most advanced formulations of herbal medicine in the world today, due to the brilliant way they are combined! These herbs are freeze dried into dissolvable granules for freshness and combined into a formula, which usually contains between 8 and 12 ingredients. It is the "herbal synergy" that seems to be the strength behind Chinese herbal medicine. These herbs have been ground and put into an easy-to-use container with scoop. They are packed in small quantities to preserve quality and freshness.

Herbal granules come in 100 grams per jar . Approximately a two week supply. Simply blend three scoops of granules into hot water to make a tea and drink. These formulations are categorized by disorders and symptoms. These herbs are manufactured and formulated in the United States under strict guidelines and GMP standards. They are the exact same formulas I have been using in my practice for years with amazing results! **Does not contain Herba Ephedra (Ma Huang)**

Utilize these wonderful formula for candida and for healing and maintaining a balanced body.

Product Name: Clear Damp Heat Formula $40.00 per bottle. Add to Cart

* Send a Check or Money Order

Herbal Douche

This famous ancient herbal formula has been used to treat yeast and fungal infections for centuries, due to the brilliant way the herbs are combined! These herbs are combined into a formula, which usually contains between 8 and 12 ingredients. It is the "herbal synergy" that seems to be the strength behind Chinese herbal medicine.

These herbs are manufactured and formulated in the United States under strict guidelines and GMP standards. They are the exact same formulas I have been using in my practice for years with amazing results!

The herbs in this formula include Radix Sopharae Flavescentis, Cortex Dictamni Dasycarpi Radicis, Cotex Phellodendri, Semen Cnidii Monnieri, Rhizoma Atractylodis, Semen Soicis Lachryma-jobi, Flos Chrysanthemi Indici, Herba Taraxaci Mongolici cum Radice. Utilize this wonderful formula for candida and for healing and maintaining a balanced body.

These herbs come all prepared and ready to use in liquid form . Approximately a two week supply.

Product Name: Herbal Douche $34.00 Add to Cart

* Send a Check or Money Order

Herbal Remedies

Black Walnut has been shown to destroy Candida better than a commonly prescribed antifungal drug.

Pau D'arco, an herbal remedy made from the bark of a South American jungle tree (species of Tabebuia, also known as palo de arco, lapacho, and taheebo) is often recommended for candidiasis. Pau D'arco contains an antibacterial and antifungal agent. This herb works well in tea or tincture form.

Clove works for those when Pau D'arco does not.

Chamomile tincture, (cold as a mouth rinse for thrush, daily) can be beneficial.

Garlic Those who worry about yeast in their system should consider eating raw Garlic every day; since it is a very effective antifungal agent, or use it in tincture form. This is a wonderful natural antibiotic and detoxifier which protects the body against infection by enhancing immune function.

Grapefruit Seed Extract for one week, has been shown to inhibit yeast growth.

Oregon Grape Root has been shown to inhibit Candida in various studies due to its potent ingredient, berberine.

Herbal Combinations and Formulas

Herbal tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts of the medicinal properties of herbs. Tinctures represent one of many different ways to prepare and use herbs. The terms tincture and extract are often used interchangeably.

Shake the tincture bottle well. As a dietary supplement, place 1 to 3 droppers under the tongue, or in juice or water as needed, 2-3 times a day.

Blood Purifier: Pau D' Arco, Red Clover, Yellow Dock, Burdock, Sarsaparilla, Dandelion, Cascara Sagada & Buckthorn.

Echinacea & Goldenseal: Echinacea & Goldenseal.

Essiac: Burdock, Sheep Sorrel, Turkey Rhubarb & Slippery Elm.

Immunity: Astragalus, Pau D'Arco, Suma, Dandelion root, Oatstraw, Kelp.

Infection: Echinacea, Yarrow, Myrrh, Goldenseal, Black Walnut, Marshmallow, Plantain & Cayenne.

Echinacea & Oregon Grape Root: Echinacea & Oregon Grape root.

Herbal Teas

In a stainless steel pot, boil desired amount of water. The moment it boils turn the heat off. Add the following herbs in an infuser, muslin bag or tea ball for a single cup or add one-three teaspoons of herbs per cup for larger amounts. Allow the herbs to infuse for up to 5 minutes. Drink 3-4 cups a day. For flavor-add lemon and sweeten with Stevia or organic honey. These herbs are helpful for gently cleanses, purifying, detoxing, anti-inflammatory. This powerful formula will help remove accumulated toxins in the body. Strong antioxidant, cleanses the colon and stimulates circulation.

Immune Builder Tea- When taken on a regular basis, this tea helps to build and strengthen the immune system. Astrugalus, Echinacea, Hawthorne, Peppermint, Spearmint.

Aromatherapy Remedies

Aromatherapy can help speed recovery. Helpful, are essential oils of allspice, cloves, cinnamon, eucalyptus, geranium, lavender, patchouli, rosemary, tea tree, and thyme are all beneficial for this condition.

Eucalyptus: fights bacterial and viral infections. This oil stimulates regeneration of tissue. It increases blood oxygen supplies allowing more oxygen as well as nutrients to be delivered to the cells throughout the body.

Lavender: boosts the immunity and helps destroy candida.

Rosemary: helps fight infection, expels phlegm and assists in lymph drainage.

Tea Tree: a cousin to eucalyptus, tea tree oil contains anti-candidal activity. Studies indicate that it may be useful in the topical treatment of superficial candida infections.

Thyme: improves immunity by boosting the production of white blood cells. This oil is great for candida and yeast infectious disorders.

Utilize these blends of essential oils 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and night:

Angel's Mist Candidiasis Rub Remedy Blend

Angel's Mist Candidiasis Massage Remedy Blend

Angel's Mist Candidiasis Bath Remedy Blend


The mysterious and amazing healing power of water has been utilized for centuries. Water cleanses, refreshes and restores all life. We are always drawn to water. Be it a soothing fountain or majestic waterfall. Water is a carrier. It flows. It moves along the line of least resistance to find its way to the ocean where comes and goes in the ebb and flow of tides and waves. The appeal is inexplicable! We crave water, maybe because our bodies are made up of a large percent of it. Maybe beacuse we instinctively know how it can heal us.

Hydrotherapy is the use of water in any form, in the treatment of dis-ease. Hydrotherapy was used by the ancient Greek physicians. The use of baths for such purposes as well as for religious purification, personal cleanliness, and private or social relaxation dates from at least the time of ancient Greece. A German, Vincenz Priessnitz, popularized the use of spas in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, where they are still popular today.

Hydrotherapy has a number of uses. Warm water will relax spasm; thus, hydrotherapy has been useful in treating such conditions as muscular strains and sprains, muscular fatigue, and backache. Heat is often used in conjunction with massage or other manipulative or stimulative treatments, such as the whirlpool bath. Sitz baths (sitting in hot water) are effective in the treatment of many disorders. Water is also useful in physical therapy because patients who exercise in a buoyant medium can move weak parts of their bodies without contending with the strong force of gravity.

The Yogurt Douche: Applying (plain, sugar free) yogurt, vaginally, is one of the best ways to get the yogurt where you need it when you need it, fast. The best way to do this, as it can be a messy remedy, is to make a bathing ritual out of it. It is important to coat the labia, vulva, and the inside of the vagina with the yogurt. You can simply apply it manually with your hand or you may want to use a spatula. There is a medical devise, known as a speculum, that could do the job as well. I recommend you then relax in the bath tub for 15-20 minutes. Then be sure to wash off the yogurt after you are done, as it may also be irritating if not thoroughly washed away. You can do another application only when you need it. You will have immediate relief from the itching and burning sensation.

The ritual of this remedy, can be approached just as if you were going to take a nice soothing bath. As stress is a major trigger for yeast infection, destressing should be part of this ritual. You can dim the lights or have some candles lit. You can have some relaxing music or sound effects machine playing or you could just have complete silence. Sit in a DRY bath tub. Apply your yogurt, then relax. Let the yogurt work its magic while you take a time out.

One alternative to douching is the sitz bath. Fill a shallow tub (just to the hip) with warm water. As the tub fills with water add 2 spoons of Angel's Mist Deep Soak Sea Salts to the bath water. You may consider adding vinegar (1/2 cup) to help rebalance the vaginal pH to 4.5 Now, sit in the water, knees apart, until it gets cool. The bath will do the cleansing.

Consider a cleansing bath with the anti-bacteria, anti-fungal effects of Angel's Mist Tea Tree Soap-A calming blend of Lavender and Tea Tree essential oil makes this soap wonderful for creating a soothing, calm, relaxed feel. This is a very effective anti-fungal, anti-viral combination.


This medical system uses infinitesimal doses of natural substances to stimulate a person's immune system and body's natural defenses. Homeopathic remedies are named for the plant or animal ingredients they are made from. Homeopathy not only offers relief from temporary disorders but, can provide long term healing of a person due to its individual and "wholistic" approach. This often leads to a complete recovery from the dis-ease, as well as, providing an improved understanding of the patient's situation. This type of healing makes it easier and possible to avoid recurrence or relapses in the future and homeopathy stimulates the body's natural defense system by reestablishing normal immune system and cell functioning.


Pulsatilla 6c if the symptoms are worse before and after a menstrual period, changeable discharge.

Kali Bichromicum 6c if there is much itching with greensih discharge.

Sulfur 6c if there is burning, stinging and itching.Symptoms are aggravated by heat or bathing.

Andrew's Candida Diet

Avoid foods containing all types of yeast. This includes fermented foods such as bread made with yeast, cheese, tomato paste, mushrooms, and beer.

A common cause of yeast overgrowth is antibiotic therapy, which can kill off the "friendly" bacteria that compete with candida for food and keep it in check. If you have to take broad-spectrum antibiotics, it is a good idea to take as a supplement.

The advantage of a natural approach to fighting yeast infection, allows control over the yeast permanently and puts your immune system back on track.

Avoid foods that contain yeast or mold including all breads, muffins, cakes, baked goods, cheese, dried fruits, melons, peanuts and mushrooms. Other yeast-containing foods include: Baker's yeast, Brewer's yeast, Engevita, Torula, and any other types of nutritional yeast. Baked goods raised with yeast such as breads, rolls, crackers, bagels, pastries, and muffins are not permitted. Gluten-containing foods include wheat, barley, and rye. This includes products made with these ingredients such as bread and pasta.

Fruit contain natural sugar and is believed to support the growth of yeast. Fruits that are typically eliminated include fresh, frozen, canned, and dried fruit and juice.

Avoid all types of vinegar, such as white vinegar, red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar, and balsamic vinegar, and any food made with vinegar including mayonnaise, salad dressing, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, steak sauce, BBQ sauce, shrimp sauce, soy sauce, mustard, pickles, pickled vegetables, green olives, relishes, horseradish, mincemeat, and chili sauce.

Avoid sugars in all forms. Avoid eating a high-carbohydrate diet. No sugar, syrups, fruit drinks, soft drinks, honey, alcohol, fruit or dried fruit. Sugar promotes the growth of yeast. For the first two to three weeks, the carbohydrate intake must be restricted to less than 60 grams per day, depending on age, health, activity level, and the extent of food sensitivities.

Avoid milk and buttermilk, which are high in sugar.

Refined sugar is believed to encourage the growth of Candida yeast. Foods containing refined sugar include: white sugar, brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, corn syrup, maple sugar, molasses, date sugar, turbinado, raw sugar, demerrara, amasake, rice syrup, sorghum. Read labels carefully as there are hidden forms of sugar in many foods. When reading the label, words to watch out for include: sucrose, fructose, maltose, lactose, glycogen, glucose, mannitol, sorbitol, galactose, monosaccharides, polysaccharides.

Low-carbohydrate foods such as meat, chicken, turkey, shellfish, non-starchy vegetables, and nuts should be enjoyed instead. As symptoms subside, the carbohydrate total of the diet can be gradually increased.

Dairy products may have to be restricted. as Candida is thought to impair the body's ability to digest fat. How much dairy one consumes may also depend on individual reactions to cow's milk and cow's milk products such as cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, and butter.

Avoid most cheeses. Cheeses lower in lactose may be tolerated, such as Monterey Jack, sharp white cheddar, swiss, mozzarella, Colby, provolone, and dry curd cottage cheese.

Consider eating foods such as lean beef, chicken, eggs, fish, yogurt, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oils. Organic skim yogurt made with live bacteria may be beneficial for some people because of the beneficial bacteria it contains.

Preventative medicine: Eating yogurt is a good way to prevent a yeast infection. Eating yogurt can help by building up and maintaining healthy levels of the acidophilus. Although it won't necessarily help with the problem locally (that's is why I recommend the vaginal application), eating sugar free, plain yogurt is a way it can help to prevent yeast infections from occurring in the first place.

Substitute with gluten-free grains such as millet and quinoa.

Acidophilus to reduce the possibility of yeast infections. Rebuild the colon by repopulating it with "good/friendly" bacteria.

Pure Energy Smoothie with Green Powder contains Soy Protein Powder, Bee Pollen Powder, Psyllium Husks, Lecithin Powder, Chlorella, Spirulina, Klamath Blue Green Algae, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Alfalfa, Kelp, Acidophilus, and American Ginseng. Just add 1 tablespoon powder to your favorite juice for a delicious and nutritious high energy start to your day.

Commonly reported benefits of using our Smoothies include:
* All day energy
* Greater focus under stress
* Sense of well-being
* Strengthened immune system
* Fewer food cravings
* Optimum synergistic balance of essential nutrients for total health.

Increase soluble fiber One teaspoon to one tablespoon of soluble fiber containing guar gum, psyllium husks, flaxseeds or pectin and can be mixed in an 8 oz glass of water two times per day on an empty stomach.

Stevia is a natural sweetener, with no side effects that should be used instead of sugar, which adds a perfect breeding ground for yeast growth.

Detoxification is a very important element to cleansing your body to help fight off opportunistic yeast and infection.

Water should be a very important part of any nutritional program. Distilled water is best. 6-8 8 ounces per day. Water allows for the cleansing and free flow in the system.

The length of time on a Candida diet depends on the length of time one has had symptoms and the severity of the symptoms.

Managing Your Candidiasis

Avoid irritating soaps (including bubble bath), vaginal sprays and douches.

Change tampons and sanitary napkins often.

Keep the external genital area clean and dry.

Wear loose cotton (rather than nylon) underwear that doesn't trap moisture.

Avoid tight-fitting or synthetic-fiber clothes as well as wearing of pantyhose, daily.

Do not stay in a wet bathing suit for prolonged periods after swimming.

Diabetics should keep control over blood sugar levels.

Eliminate the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, immune suppressing drugs and oral contraceptives.

Stess plays a chronic role in frequent yeast infections! Chronic stress elevates cortisol levels. Cortisol levels tax the immune system and raise blood sugar levels. These blood sugar spikes allow yeast to grow (quickly). This in turn lowers immunity, leaving the body defenseless to keep fighting the infection.

Lower cortisol levels
1. by drinking 2 cups of black tea per day.
2. Each week, eat 3 servings of foods rich in omega 3 fats (salmon, bass...)
3. Eat three daily servings of foods containing vitamin C (citrus fruits...)

These strategies support the adrenal glands and prevent cortisol spikes.


Exercise is very important on so many levels. Related to candidiasis, exercise must be done to:

Increases HDL (the good cholesterol)
Improves function of the immune system
Burns fat
Mobilizes fat
Assist in digestion of foods
Increases energy level
Decreases fatigue
Builds and maintains lean body mass
Helps control appetite
Improves oxygen delivery to the cells
Increases blood supply
Improves exercise endurance and recovery
Improves sleep
Improves ability to cope with stress
Helps relieve depression, tension, and anxiety
Increases muscle strength
Increases muscle and joint flexibility
Increases strength of bones and connective tissues

Moisture and irritation are factors that seem to encourage yeast to grow. It has also been shown that women are more likely to get to vaginal yeast infections if their bodies are under stress from poor diet, lack of sleep or illness.

After exercising, be sure not to stay in wet, tight workout clothes. Shower and change into fresh, lightweight fabrics as soon as possible.

Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the oldest, continually practiced, and professionally administered health care system in the world. It is a documented medical system spanning over 2,500 years based on comprehensive philosophies, rational theories, clinically tested and empirically verified by over 100 generations of highly educated practitioners. Chinese Medicine is a total system of internal medicine which is comprised of a diagnostic procedure based on signs, symptoms and treatment styles including acupuncture, herbal medicine, exercise, diet and meditation. It�s foundation is based on the principles of balance; the interdependent relationship of Yin and Yang. Through this balance, health is achieved and maintained.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the approach to candidiasis is to bring yeast cells under control by decreasing the source that is encouraging them to grow, and strengthen the immune system to prevent their recurrence.

Internal Dampness

This condition is considered Internal Dampness, often with Damp Heat in the lower portion of the body (lower burner). This condition requires eliminating or reducing internal dampness. The common causes of excessive dampness include:

poor digestion, which allows excess moisture to remain internally.

Poor diet, which includes excessive consumption of cold foods, raw foods, and dairy products as these foods produce a damp internal environment.

Insufficient fire (Internal cold). Digestive Fire dissipates water. Without enough metabolic fire to steam off water, damp can accumulate.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treats yeast infections with a three step approach:

1. Acupuncture: is key to helping boost the immune system response. Acupuncture and herbal medicine are effective therapies for the treatment of candidiasis. Acupuncture will clear the excess heat and eliminate dampness from the body as it helps to rebalance the body's response to fighting reoccurring infections. The specific course of treatment depends on the nature and severity of your symptoms. Acupuncture treatment for candidiasis, for example, may take approximately ten to twelve weekly sessions or more.

2. Herbal Douche and Internal Herbal Formulas: Anti-fungal herbs are used to kill the yeast cells and to fight infection locally and internally. Herbal formulas clear heat and inflammation, stop itching and boost the body's ability to fight the infection. They help to clear the body of conditions that promote yeast overgrowth. Divided into two patterns, herbal formulas are given internally, based on the the amount, color, smell, and symptoms of yeast. Yeast infections may present with white or yellow discharge, depending on the cause.

3. Dietary Modifications: The advantage of a natural approach to fighting yeast infection, allows control over the yeast permanently and puts your immune system back on track. Foods rich in yeast and mold can set the body up for continuous yeast infections. If the diet is not modified, an important part of the solution is not remedied.

Visit Your TCM practitioner for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Emotional Aspect:

There is an emotional aspect to every illness. Often times, it is the emotional thoughts or "excess emotions" that will lead to illness.

Stress is a contributing factor to Candidiasis. This is a situation that should be addressed. The following therapies are utilized for calming the mind, help with stress relief and focuses on our mental powers over any situation.

The ability to balance your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self is up to you. Here are some suggestions:

Allow The Universe To Take Over!

  • Deep breathing and good posture... assist oxygenation of the body, which inhibits candida.
  • Positive emotions and attitudes reduce stress and promote healthy digestion.

  • It's about lifestyle change: proper nutrition, plenty of rest, a good mind set!

What is your experience with this disorder? Sharing your own experiences often helps others. We'd love to know in the Peacefulmind Community

Counseling and Psychotherapy:

Stress related issues are responsive to counseling and to a wide variety of psychotherapies. During the past several decades, there has been an increasing enthusiasm for focused, time-limited therapies that address ways of coping with stress and it's symptoms directly, rather than exploring unconscious conflict or other personal vulnerabilities.

Yoga Therapy:

Yoga poses can be good alternatives to "traditional" health remedies because they relax the body and mind, improve circulation and respiration, reduce tension and help the body through it's healing process.

Breath Work:

The Yogic breath exercise can be done without instruction, without danger, and with a good chance that your discomfort and stressful feelings will be reduced. Relaxation Breath is the most powerful tool for stress management.

Sit up, with your back straight in any position. Place your tongue against the ridge of tissue just behind your upper front teeth and keep it there throughout the exercise. Exhale completely through your mouth.

Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of four. Hold your breath for a count of seven. Exhale completely through your mouth, to a count of eight. Repeat this cycle three more times for a total of four breaths. Try to do this breathing exercise at least twice a day. You can repeat the whole sequence as often as you wish, but don't do it more than four breaths at one time for the first month of practice. This exercise is fairly intense and has a profound effect on the nervous system.

Deep Diaphram Breath

Sit with your legs crossed in a comfortable position. Breathe slowly and evenly from your diaphragm, through your nose. Fill your lower abdomen, lungs, then chest with air. Hold for a four count then slowly exhale the air out from your chest, lungs, then lower abdomen. Repeat 3 or 4 times. That's it! Just allow your shoulders to drop and your face relax as you breath, deep.

Yogic asanas such as vakrasana, bhujangasana, shalabhasana, halasana, paschimottanasana, sarvangasana and shavasana and pranayamas like kapalbhati, anuloma-viloma and bhastrika are highly beneficial in the treatment of depression.

Also consider Cat, Cobra, Laying Down Twist, Simple Invertion...

Meditation Therapy:

Meditation is a time-honored technique that can take you into infinite dimensions of consciousness. One major principle to meditation is in the ability to completely quiet your mind. Quieting the mind comes as a result of meditating over a long period of time, but any time you are looking within, you are meditating.

There are many meditation methods. Some are passive and others are active -- not in the physical sense, but in the sense that you actually do something during meditation. Meditators learn to focus their awareness and direct it onto an object: the breath, a phrase or word: a mantra, repeated silently, a memorized inspirational phrase, an image in the mind's eye. Researchers have documented immediate benefits in terms of lowered blood pressure, decreased heart and respiratory rate, increased blood flow, and other measurable signs of the relaxation response.

Meditation will calm an agitated mind, creating optimal physical and mental health, undo our sense of separateness, which is the common root of fear and misery, unify consciousness, putting us in touch with our higher self and connect us to higher consciousness. Meditation restructures the mind, allowing us to achieve our full potential as human beings.

Fold your hands gently in your lap and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Then just sit. If you have never meditated before, you will probably feel as if your mind is full of thoughts. Don't try to stop the thoughts, just watch them. Imagine that you are on the bank of a river and that your thoughts are the river going by. Don't try to stop the river, just watch it. Within a week, you will see the river begin to slow down. You may become impatient, or even bored. That's okay. If you find yourself complaining, just watch the thoughts pass by. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes. You may find that you fall asleep because you are so relaxed. That's good because, in many ways, you have begun to let go. Continue at this pace and each day allow just alittle more time for yourself to meditate. Doing this allows you to relax and forget about time.

Consider the amazing power of the Deluxe Meditation Kit . Whether for meditation, quiet reflection or for creating a peaceful environment to be yours, the opportunity awaits those ready to explore the world of meditation!

Color Therapy

When you are balanced, you can more effectively fight dis-ease, rid your system of toxins, as well as, negative patterns. You can achieve balance through the vibrational remedy and application of color. Color inteacts with the human energy system in a unique way to stablize physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions.

Light Therapy

Light therapy is now used for medical conditions, such as seasonal affective disorder. The most common method, called bright-light therapy, requires that patients sit near a special light box fitted with high-intensity, full-spectrum or white light bulbs. UV irradiation is also used to repigment skin affected by the autoimmune disorder vitiligo.

A research review commissioned by the American Psychiatric Association in Washington, D.C., concludes that in trials, daily exposure to bright light is about as effective as antidepressant drugs in quelling seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or winter depression, and other forms of depression.

New evidence has been discovered, which may suggest Light Therapy may combat fungal infections.

Violet - This energy has the most intense electrochemical power. With this energy we have the gift and the possibilities that reach far beyond the physical plane. Violet is beneficial in the treatment of nervous and emotional disturbances, arthritis, acute cases of consumption and insomnia.

Determine what color you need. Learn more about your personal Color Therapy Analysis.

Music/Sound Therapy:

Vibrational medicine, which validates that everything in the universe is in a state of vibration and the frequency at which an object or person most naturally vibrates is called resonance. The chakras, bones, and organs in the body all possess a different resonant frequency. When an organ or part of the body is vibrating out of tune or nonharmoniously, it is called "dis ease" or disease. A body is in a healthy state of being when each cell, each organ creates a resonance that is in harmony with the whole being.

Music is a powerful tool that can be used in so many ways. It has been proven that the type of music that makes a person relax or become receptive is not any one kind. It all depends on the individual and their affinity with it.

Healing Music is recommended for lifting the spirits and calming the centeral nervous system.

Metaphysical Remedies:

The power of your mind and your belief system has everything to do with the condition, the speed and the way that you heal.

* Our Belief System is one of the major factors that can get us through situations or can cause our life to crumble around us! I do believe that there is a lot of innate goodness and balancing our minds do subconsciously to get us through hard times. The other portion of this is how we "program" ourselves to deal with any given situation.

* Our self-confidence and self-love are often the key to opening and strengthening this portion of our thoughts which in turn emanates from ourselves!

* Energy follows thought. Program thought to be positive and your energy will reflect it!

* Really appreciating what we DO have as opposed to what we would like to have, sometimes makes a signifcant difference. This is always an important element in healing that is often neglected.

Crystal Remedy Reference

Crystals have both piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties. This means that the polarities of the crystal will change when subjected to pressure or heat (even body heat from the hands). This will radiate energy from the crystal due to this reversal of polarities. It provides the transfer, storage and transformation of energy.

Offering a balanced energy field, energy modification, amplifies both energy and thought, clarity in thinking, and harmony and alignment with the chakra energy areas.

The Complete Chakra Kit stimulates the seven main energy sources which govern all the major organs and psychologically alters and clears the body's energy in order to allow healing to take place.

Crystal Medicine Pouches are based on the Native American Medicine Pouches, each suede pouch comes with several crystals, sage for cleansing negativity and the best way to use, cleanse and energize them in order to get what you want out of life!!

Crystal Empowerment Pouches are individually filled with several crystals to strengthen and enhance the best energy for each situation. Each suede pouch comes with several crystals and best way to use, cleanse and energize them in order to get what you want out of life!!

Crystal Elixirs are wonderfully scented oils come in .05 ounce roll-on bottles and contain genuine crystals in vibrationally compatible essential oil blends. They are fantastic for Chakra work, energy healing, as an Aura Balancer, as a balancing perfume oil or simply as a "refresher" for your Gem Potpourri. Crystal Elixir oil blends are used externally.

Gem Essence are the infusion of crystals, spring water and the power of the sun/moon in a bottle! These essence work in harmony with the body by interacting with our bio-sheath and are natural and self-adjusting. When crystals are activated by natural sunlight, they transfer their vibrational signature into water, creating a remedy that is safe, effective and used in conjunction with all modalities of healing. Gem Essence waters can be used internally.


Green Calcite, Lepidolite, Quartz

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Andrew Pacholyk has an extensive background in biomedical science and clinical training. Andrew has done massage, yoga and music therapy for over 15 years and brings his experience as an Acupuncturist and Herbalist to such health facilities as diverse as St. Vincent's Hospital, The Body Center, New York Health Club, The Grand Meridian and his private practice, ProAcuMed Inc. in New York City. Andrew offers a safe and effective method with his diverse knowledge of the healing arts. Andrew is licensed in the State of New York and is accredited and certified by the National Boards in both Acupuncture and Herbology.

The Misson/Vision:

Andrew offers a unique and personal path in developing, understanding and incorporating the power of our belief system and your own inner wisdom in the healing process. Andrew works with:

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* Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

* Nutrition, Herbal and Chinese Botanicals

* Cupping, Moxabustion, Electrostimulation

* Mind Medicine, Belief Systems, Emotional Healing

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What is your experience with alternative and complementary medicine? Sharing your own experiences often helps others. We'd love to know in the Peacefulmind Community.

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