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Welcome! You have come to us in order to buy our wonderful products, wholesale. We take great pride in all of our goods- be it our homegrown Organic Herbs, Herbal Teas and Tinctures, our hand rolled Incense, our government regulated 100% Pure Angel's Mist Essential Oils, our beautifully crafted Gifts and Gift Baskets, our large selection of Metaphysical Products or our highest quality Massage Oils, Candles, Kits and Earthlite Massage Tables! We make sure that you receive the highest quality and best service we can offer.

All wholesale orders will be taken over the phone: 917 * 843 * 3623


* Some items have their own minimums, which can count toward requirement: Tinctures ($50 minimum), Teas ($50 minimum), Candles ($100 minimum), Crystal tumblestones ($100 minimum, by the pound) and Essential Oils ($50 minimum).

* You must be a store, salon, website or natural/holistic business in order to buy wholesale from us.

* We suggest the retail price for you and quote the TRADE price. Your retail price is up to you. The trade price is set.

* All orders can be bought (online) with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal on our secured site and server in conjunction with CCNOW.com Items can be ordered over the phone using Visa, Mastercard or by sending a check, money order or traveler's check.

* You may use this as the order form or just send a letter with your payment and order.

* You must supply us with your tax id # and your company's D.B.A.

* You can buy wholesale or use our drop ship program, which allows you not to have to store inventory and make a 40% profit on each item sold from your site.

* A NOTE ON SHIPPING: We try our best to ship orders at a very reasonable rates. Orders within the United States will be shipped through the United States Postal Service. If your order can fit in flat rate boxes, $18.00 will be the charge per box. Canada shipping and International shipping will be calculated by weight with minimum shipping costs STARTING at $49.00 and shipped through the United States Postal Service. Extremely large orders or very heavy orders that cannot be shipped in flat rate boxes WILL INCUR ADDITIONAL CHARGES FOR SHIPPING..

Crystals & Gemstones

Crystal Therapy Home Courses, Tumblestones, Crystal Eggs, Crystal Clusters, Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry, Crystal Fountains, Crystal Reiki, Crystal Oils, Crystal Cleansing Kits...

Herbs and Herbal Teas

Healing variety of herbal teas, herbal tinctures, green whole food powders, herbal granules and tincture formulations for many ailments!

Scent Therapies

"Angel's Mist" 100% Pure Essential Oils, remedy blends, pulse point therapy, aromatherapy kits, aromatic sets, incense sticks, cones, herbal incense, sage...

Massage Products

Massage tables, massage oils, lotions, hot stone massage kits, tantic kit, sheets, stools, cases...

Metaphysical Products

Empowerment kits, chakra healing kits, aura cleanse kits, color therapy kits, huge variety of crystals, candles, incense, sage, burners, pendulums, chakra jewelry...

Gift and Gift Baskets

Beautiful gift sets, baskets, kits and build your own gift baskets! Healing gifts for everyone!

Bath, Spa & Skin Care

Fresh floral waters, soothing sea salts, body oils and hydrating lotions, bath teas, essential oil soaps, spa kits, facial, clay & herbal masks, hair care, skin care...

Feng Shui

Feng shui cures, Chinese baqua mirrors, good luck charms, Cloisonn?ggs and bowls, crystals, incense, tassels, music, chimes, flutes...

Candle Therapy

The candle's flame has always been a metaphor for the soul! It possesses a tranquil and almost hypnotic atmosphere to those who allow its power to take them to a very special place and much more!

Gifts of Color

Find the perfect gift according to therapies! Aromatherapy to Zen therapy and everything in between. Each therapy has there own set of unique healing products!


If you are not absolutely satisfied with your product(s), you may return them, within 30 days NO QUESTIONS ASKED!! You will receive a refund (minus your shipping and handling) or website credit depending on the circumstances of the return. If the merchandise is damaged in anyway way upon return, this will affect your refund. Please pack carefully for return. Please be sure of your goals before ordering.

"Angel's Mist" tm Therapy for Mind, Body, & Spirit

Nurture. Heal. Balance. "Angel's Mist" tm Aromatherapy products are a combination of natural ingredients and essential oils of plants, fruits, and flower essence created to balance, center, and enhance your body and mind! Scents can induce an amazing power as they influence our moods. Angel's Mist is ALL NATURAL with pure essential oils and contains NO Alcohol, NO Preservatives and has not been tested on animals.

"Angel's Mist"tm Scent Palette

Ocean Breeze: The calm, gentle breeze that blows off the seashore is like a kiss from heaven! This is a unique blend of Irish Moss, Sea Kelp and Blue Nile. This soothing, tranquil scent will put your mind at ease.

Citrus Twist: This special combination of uplifting Lemon essential oil is blended with a hint of refreshing Sweet Orange essential oils to stimulate and motivate.

Lavender Fields: Therapeutic properties such as balancing emotions, promoting restful sleep, and relaxing overworked muscles, our French Lavender, Clary Sage and Chamomile essential oil blend will take you to a peaceful place.

Romantic Glow:The sensuality of Bulgarian Rose essential oil with its heady, euphoric scent is carefully blended with Sumatra Ylang Ylang, creating a very intimate fragrance.

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